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Igalia 15/07/2016

Meet us at SIGGRAPH 2016

Igalia attends SIGGRAPH 2016 (July 24-28, Anaheim, CA)

Frédéric Wang 13/07/2016

MathML Improvements in WebKit

In a previous blog post, I explained the work made by Igalia’s web platform team to refactor WebKit’s MathML layout classes. I stated that although some rendering improvements were a nice side effect, the main goal of the first phase was really to...

Iago Toral 13/07/2016

Story and status of ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 on Intel GPUs

In case you haven’t heard yet, with the recently announced Mesa 12.0 release, Intel gen8+ GPUs expose OpenGL 4.3, which is quite a big leap from the previous OpenGL 3.3! Although this might surprise some, the truth is that even if the i965 driver...

Igalia 12/07/2016

Igalia at the Automotive Linux Summit (July 13-14) and LinuxCon Japan (July 13-15, 2016)

We are happy to sponsor the event again this year

Frédéric Wang 09/07/2016

MathML Refactoring in WebKit

Introduction If you follow WebKit developments, you are certainly aware that Igalia has been working on WebKit’s MathML implementation for some time. More recently, effort has been made to write a clean implementation addressing issues reported...

Víctor Jáquez 01/07/2016

VA-API and DRM/KMS in MinnowBoard

In 2012 I started to work in a video renderer for GStreamer which uses directly the DRM/KMS kernel subsystem to display images. I even blogged about it, but I didn’t finished it. Nonetheless, in December last year, a customer asked us to finish the...

Igalia 28/06/2016

Meet us at Cable Congress 2016!

Igalia attends Cable Congress 2016 (June 28-30, Warsaw, Poland)

Xavier Castaño 21/06/2016

We’re proud to sponsor #Linuxcon North America and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of #Linux and #opensource!

LinuxCon North America and ContainerCon features 175+ sessions for developers, operators, users and other open source professionals with a range of content covering Linux, Containers, Cloud and much more! Join us in Toronto, Canada where you’ll...

Manuel Rego 21/06/2016

My BlinkOn 6 Summary: Grid Layout, Houdini & MathML

Igalia could not miss the chance to participate in a new European edition of BlinkOn. So past week my colleague Dape and I were attending BlinkOn 6 in Munich. In this post I’d do a personal summary about the main conference highlights. Status of CSS...

Javier Muñoz 21/06/2016

Ansible AWS S3 core module now supports Ceph RGW S3

The Ansible AWS S3 core module now supports Ceph RGW S3. The patch was upstream today and it will be included in Ansible 2.2 This post will introduce the new RGW S3 support in Ansible together with the required bits to run Ansible playbooks handling S3...