Graphics Pipeline and Rendering Technologies

High framerates, smooth animations, and quality display are key to user interaction. Igalia has years of experience building and optimizing many different parts of the graphics stack.

Companies developing software for mobile, embedded or desktop environments often find the graphics and rendering software stack to be one of their greatest challenges. The most successful devices and software platforms have optimized, frictionless user experience, including fast rendering and fluid touch interfaces.

At Igalia we have been creating high performance user interfaces and middleware for the past decade. Along the way, we've built accelerated compositors, eliminated hardware bottlenecks, optimized rendering of web browsers, and perfected font display.

Open source work is a part of our company culture, so we are long time contributors to and integrators of toolkits and APIs like Mesa, OpenGL, GTK+, EFL, Qt, Clutter/Cogl and Wayland. Some of our work includes:

  • Implementation of new standards such as WebGL and WebAudio, multimedia acceleration and GStreamer integration in WebKit
  • Maintenance of GStreamer support in WebKit
  • Accelerated large drop-shadows in web engines
  • Building cross-process graphics architectures and compositors for projects like WebKit2

We can help you ensure that your users have a compelling experience powered by an optimized graphics software stack.



  • OpenGL
  • WebGL
  • Mesa
  • Wayland
  • Cairo
  • HTML acceleration
  • Harfbuzz
  • Graphical toolkits
  • Graphical libraries
  • Accelerated Rendering
  • Accelerated Compositing

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Iago Toral 13/07/2016

Story and status of ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 on Intel GPUs

In case you haven’t heard yet, with the recently announced Mesa 12.0 release, Intel gen8+ GPUs expose OpenGL 4.3, which is quite a big leap from the previous OpenGL 3.3! Although this might surprise some, the truth is that even if the i965 driver...

Alejandro Piñeiro 02/06/2016

Introducing Mesa intermediate representations on Intel drivers with a practical example

Introduction The recent big news on the Igalia work on Mesa was that our effort getting the ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 and ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit extensions implemented for Intel Gen8+, allowed to expose OpenGL 4.2 for Gen8+. But I will let other igalians to...

Carlos García Campos 22/03/2016

WebKitGTK+ 2.12

We did it again, the Igalia WebKit team is pleased to announce a new stable release of WebKitGTK+, with a bunch of bugs fixed, some new API bits and many other improvements. I’m going to talk here about some of the most important changes, but as...

Samuel Iglesias 25/09/2015

ARB_program_interface_query and shader_runner

Lately I have worked on ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object  extension implementation on Mesa, along with Iago (who has already explained how we implement it). One of the features we implemented was adding support for buffer variables to the queries defined...

Alejandro Piñeiro 18/09/2015

Optimizing shader assembly instruction on Mesa using shader-db (II)

On my previous post I mentioned that I have been working on optimizing the shader instruction count for specific shaders guided by shader-db, and showed one specific example. In this post I will show another one, slightly more complex on the triaging and...


Revert "getteximage: Return correct error value when texure object is not found"

From OpenGL 4.5 spec PDF, section '8.11. Texture Queries', page 236: "An INVALID_VALUE error is generated if texture is not the name of an existing texture object." Same wording applies to the compressed version. But turns out this is a spec bug,...

Juan A. Suárez22/06/2017

Revert "arb_get_texture_sub_image-errors: Fix expected error values"

In commit aec149c we test that glGetTextureSubImage() and glGetCompressedTextureSubImage() returns INVALID_VALUE when the texture is not the name of an existing texture object. Nevertheless, this is a bug in the OpenGL 4.5 spec itself, that has...

Juan A. Suárez22/06/2017

radeonsi: call LLVMAddEarlyCSEMemSSAPass only for LLVM >= 4.0

LLVMAddEarlyCSEMemSSAPass() is defined in LLVM 4.0. Fixes: 257b538 ("radeonsi: do EarlyCSEMemSSA LLVM pass) Signed-off-by: Marek Olšák

Juan A. Suárez08/06/2017

tests: Added a couple of new test profiles for the Khronos CTS runner

After: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/VK-GL-CTS/commit/af8c22a343ee2c230488f6de71b36dc3070b2024 OpenGL GL*-CTS case lists were renamed to KHR-GL*. We want to keep the existing profiles so we are able to keep running the caselists from previous CTS...

Andrés Gómez07/06/2017