Distributions and System Integration

GNU/Linux is the operating system of choice for many embedded solutions, but it is a highly modular operating system that comes in multiple flavours too. We can help you to select the right configurations, components and required versions and build your solution for a specific purpose.

Every software solution needs an operating system at its core along with a collection of tools to build the software stack that will become the building blocks of the final product. This step is a must for every vendor using GNU/Linux and involves tasks like tweaking and configuring the Linux kernel, selecting, configuring, patching and building appropriate versions of all the software components required and integration of the software with the underlying hardware platform.

Igalia has been working with Linux based distributions since its inception: from distributions traditionally oriented to desktops like Fedora or Ubuntu to distributions created specifically for embedded environments like MeeGo or Tizen. We are familiar with the processes and tools, like OpenEmbedded, Yocto and OBS, that are required to build custom or existing Linux distributions and port them to specific hardware platforms. We are also experienced porting software developed for traditional GNU/Linux stacks to other operating systems, like Android.

We can help you select, configure and customize the Linux distribution for your needs and integrate it with the hardware platform of your choice.

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