Accessibility Tools and Technologies

At Igalia, we believe that access to software and information is not a privilege, but a right. For this reason, we are committed to making this access possible for individuals of all ages and abilities, from all walks of life, all over the world. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a compelling and complete range of Free Software solutions which address their unique needs and wants.

Our commitment to accessibility began in 2007 with the accessibility library for Hildon, a UI library for the Maemo platform. Since then, our efforts have expanded to the free desktop where we develop and maintain accessibility solutions at all levels of the stack including:

  • The ATK accessibility toolkit
  • The Orca screen reader
  • Clutter
  • WebKitGTK
  • GNOME Shell

We devote significant time participating in the communities in which we work, engaging end users as partners in the development process and collaborating with other teams to achieve the most consistent and compelling user interaction possible.

Our developers have a combined 20 years of experience in accessibility, with diverse backgrounds ranging from Computer Science to Special Education. Having an interdisciplinary team with expertise in all aspects of accessibility implementations makes it possible to deliver a truly integrated solution.


  • A11y libraries
  • Toolkit and application A11y support
  • Assistive technologies and applications
  • ATK
  • Clutter
  • Orca


Alejandro Piñeiro 29/07/2016

One year of Mesa

Changes During the last year and something, my work at Igalia was focused on the Intel i965 driver for Mesa, the open source OpenGL implementation. Iago and Samuel were working for some time, then joined Edu and Antía, and then I joined myself, as the...

Jacobo Aragunde 21/12/2015

LibreOffice hackfest in Madrid

Earlier this month, I attended a LibreOffice hackfest that has been held in Madrid. My goal for this hackfest was to work on the accessibility of the suite, in particular with the problem exposed in bugs 35652 and 91739, which … Continue reading...

Jacobo Aragunde 11/11/2015

Updated LibreOffice workshop at A Coruña University

I’ve been invited to repeat the workshop about LibreOffice I conducted last year at the University of A Coruña. Contents are largely the same but I’ve done some updates, hence this short update to share the new slides: LibreOffice:...

Joanmarie Diggs 23/09/2015

New in Orca 3.18: Firefox Support Rewrite and MathML

For years I had been threatening to nuke Orca’s support for Firefox (it’s the only way to be sure) and start over. This release cycle I finally made good on my threat.

Jacobo Aragunde 14/11/2014

LibreOffice workshop at A Coruña University

Last week I went back to the University of A Coruña, this time to stand at the opposite side of the classroom and conduct a workshop about LibreOffice. I was invited by Juan José Sánchez Penas as part of the … Continue reading →