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"A quieter month of events ahead of summer"

June is set to be a quieter month, but only a little bit. We start the month by hosting the 15th Annual Web Engines Hackfest, June 3–5, at our headquarters in A Coruña. As the site states, the Web Engines Hackfest:

…brings together people working on the different browsers and related standards to discuss ideas and plans. Members from all parts of the web platform community including people working on the different engines (Chromium/Blink/V8, Safari/WebKit/JSC, Firefox/Gecko/SpiderMonkey, Servo), on the testing side (WPT, Test262), on specifications (W3C, WhatWG, TC39), or on documentation (MDN Web Docs, are welcome to join us.

In addition to a number of scheduled talks, a substantial portion of the Hackfest follows the unconference format, allowing attendees to determine what is talked about and worked on. We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing everyone in A Coruña, and many thanks to all the sponsors for helping make the Hackfest possible!

At the end of the month, we’ll have two appearances happening almost simultaneously. Alex Bradbury will be presenting an extended tutorial, “Implementing support for custom RISC-V extensions in LLVM”, at the RISC-V Summit Europe, June 24–28. Parallel to that, Nicolò Ribaudo will present his talk “What’s coming next to JavaScript?” at JSConf Budapest, June 26–28.

Also, in the middle of the month, we’ll be at AWE US, June 18–20, with a booth on the trade show floor where we’ll be showing off our XR browser, Wolvic. And we’re already looking forward to July, where we’ll have a whole posse of Igalians attending and speaking at GUADEC — details in the next conference post!

We always enjoy talking with people at events, so if you’ll also be on site for any of the above shows, please take a moment to say hi! And if you have any questions regarding any of our appearances, are interested in having an Igalian bring a talk to an upcoming event, or you’d just like to learn more about Igalia, please feel free to reach out.