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"Igalia to host three days of hacking and networking "

Igalia is looking forward to hosting next week’s 2024 Linux Display Next Hackfest, to run May 14th to 16th here the beautiful city of A Coruña, Spain!

This year’s hackfest will be a gathering of minds from a diverse range of companies and open source projects, all coming together to share, learn, and collaborate outside the traditional conference format. We’ll be welcoming participants from various backgrounds, including GPU hardware vendors; Linux distributions; Linux desktop environments and compositors; and color experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from companies working on the Linux display stack, such as AMD, Arm, BlueSystems, Bootlin, Collabora, Google, GravityXR, Igalia, Intel, LittleCMS, Qualcomm, Raspberry Pi, RedHat, SUSE, and System76.

The 2024 hackfest will be a hybrid event, hosted onsite Igalia’s offices and available for remote attendance. We can’t wait to welcome hackfest attendees to A Coruña! Stay tuned for further details and outcomes of this unconventional and unique experience, and for more details on the event and the social activities we’ll be organizing around it, please see Melissa Wen’s very detailed blog post and the official event web site.