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"Come meet us at a variety of shows"

After the avalanche of talks and shows in April, we’ve pulled things back a bit for May. In part that’s just a quirk of conference scheduling, but it’s also to set the stage for Linux display hackers!

That is to say: we’ll be hosting the Linux Display Next Hackfest May 14–16 at our headquarters in A Coruña. The Hackfest follows the unconference format, and “aims to unblock bottlenecks, design solutions, raise pitfalls and accommodate the needs of each layer of the display stack”. We’re really looking forward to three days of display hacking, presentations by attendees and Igalians, and chat time for that all-important “hallway track” vibe.

In addition to the Hackfest, we’ll have Igalians on site for the following shows:

We always enjoy talking with people at events, so if you’ll also be on site for any of the above shows, please take a moment to say hi! And if you have any questions regarding any of our appearances, are interested in having an Igalian bring a talk to an upcoming event, or you’d just like to learn more about Igalia, please feel free to reach out.