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"The 2023 edition of XDC to take place in A Coruña, Spain"

A view of the harbor of A Coruña at dusk.

Igalia is pleased to announce that we will organize and host the 2023 edition of the X.Org Developers Conference in A Coruña, Spain.

Keen eyes might have noticed the decision was recently confirmed by the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors and published as part of the most recent Board of Directors meeting minutes. XDC is arguably the most important conference around the open source graphics stack, attracting developers from the Linux kernel, Mesa3D, X11, and Wayland projects, among others.

Igalia was the organizer of XDC 2018, which also took place in A Coruña, and we are thrilled to be back as organizers once again. Stay tuned for more information about the final event dates, venue, and registration details!