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"A recent piece we'd like to share"

It’s not entirely unusual to see Igalia mentioned in trade press. After all, we do a lot. However, most often it is a story about something fairly specific that we’ve done, or are doing.

Our work on graphics drivers, for example, means we’ll show up in places like phoronix when we make some interesting progress.

Our collaborations on efforts like Interop 2022 means we’ll be mentioned alongside the browser vendors in sites like InfoWorld, The Register or even The Times of India.

Our work in standards means that we’ll be cited in articles that are about something interesting happening there on sites like techradar.

Our partnership to help create Open Web Docs means we’ll even be in the subheading of a story about that on ZDNET.

Taking over stewardship of a project like Firefox Reality and creating Wolvic means we’ll be mentioned in tons of places, ranging from PC Magazine to The Verge.

But, in most cases, Igalia itself is not the focus - we’re just a small part of the story.

Recently, however, The New Stack published a piece by Mary Branscombe entitled Igalia: the Open Source Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard of. It is very much about Igalia: All the things we do, how we manage to do them, and why we (and others!) think it’s great.

Thank you The New Stack and Mary Branscombe for publishing such an interesting piece.