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"Announcing our first post-beta release of the next stage in XR browsing"

Today Igalia is proud to announce the 1.0 release of the Wolvic XR browser. This is a signficant milestone, and it marks a new beginning in more ways than one.

A few months ago, we announced we would be taking over stewardship of what was then the Firefox Reality project, spinning off a new browser based on Reality’s foundations that would follow its own evolutionary path: Wolvic. Since then, we have been working on a lot of things in beta. We’ve been doing lots of updating, adjustments, testing, and trying to get things ready for a good quality, production-ready 1.0 release.

We’ve been working on releasing APKs for some systems and making Wolvic available on the Oculus Quest via the App Lab. The App Lab is sort of an extension of the main store, meant for things that aren’t ready to be in the store. Being listed in the App Lab means we’re not even findable by looking for a browser — a user has to know to search for Wolvic by name. Thus, the barrier to entry to getting our early releases of Wolvic has been quite a bit higher than usual. Despite this, we already count over 20,000 people as Active Users on the Oculus Quest 2 alone, and expect many more when we leave App Lab and enter the main store.

With the release Wolvic 1.0, we’re beginning the process of lowering those barriers. Getting into the main Oculus app store will still take some time, but we are happy to say that it is becoming much easier to install Wolvic on other devices. In fact, Wolvic will be installed by default on some — more on those soon — and easy installers are coming to other devices, such as the Huawei glasses.

Additionally, we’re proud to say that we’re building strong partnerships to help achieve all of this, a topic Igalians will be writing and talking more about soon. We believe that Wolvic provides a a unique opportunity to build new kinds of investment diversity into the web commons.

Many thanks to the tens of thousands of users who have already downloaded, tested and provided feedback on many platforms! If you’d like to join the pack right away, you can install an APK manually, or for Oculus users, find us in the App Lab.