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"Twelve new talks from Igalians, May 18th and 19th"

Next week, BlinkOn 16 will (virtually) bring together Chromium and Blink developers from all over the world. The BlinkOn series of events gives developers an opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues and other contributors on things related to their work in Chromium/Blink and web standards. We are pleased that several Igalians will be attending the online edition of this conference, as well as lead the following talks:

Breakout talks:

  • “History of the Web”, Brian Kardell and Stephanie Rewis (Adobe)
  • “Wayland Delegated Compositing”, Maksim Sisov and Peter McNeeley (Google)
  • “Remainder estimate for MathML integration”, Frédéric Wang

Lightning sessions, Day 1 (May 18th):

  • “Update on CSS Highlight Pseudos”, Delan Azabani
  • “Custom Handlers Component”, Javier Fernandez
  • “Update of Igalia Contribution on MPArch”, Gyuyoung Kim
  • “:has() Implementation Summary”, Byungwoo Lee
  • “GCC Support Status Update”, Jose Dapena Paz
  • “Who Is a Main Frame?”, Miyoung Shin

Lightning sessions, Day 2 (May 19th):

  • “Finer Control of DNR rules”, Felipe Erias
  • “Synthesized Keyboard Events for Accessibility Purposes”, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez
  • “Measuring Performance Impact of Your Changes on Chrome OS”, Tiago Vignatti

If you plan to be in attendance and would like to have a quick chat with anyone from Igalia, or you’d like to know more about any of the talks, please reach out to us via email, or you can follow us on Twitter. And if you aren’t registered yet, there’s still time!