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"Igalia’s work helps Turnip pass thousands of tests"

For the last two years, Igalia has made extensive contributions to Mesa’s Turnip driver, which provides an open source implementation of Vulkan for the Qualcomm Adreno GPUs found in many mobile phones and other systems-on-a-chip. Today, we are happy to share the news that the Khronos Group has just granted Vulkan 1.1 conformance to this driver.

Achieving conformance with Vulkan 1.1 is no small feat. Vulkan’s Conformance Test Suite contains thousands of tests that need to pass without issues and guarantees implementations meet the appropriate quality requirements. Igalia has submitted countless fixes for driver bugs and issues affecting CTS results, as well as fixes for many other rendering bugs appearing in real world applications. For more details about the work involved in achieving conformance, check out the notes published by our Igalia colleague Danylo Piliaiev.