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"Several talks by Igalians will be featured at this year’s BlinkOn"

On November 16th and 17th, Chromium/Blink developers worldwide will come together (virtually) to participate in BlinkOn 15. BlinkOn is an interesting, open and free-to-attend event which provides an opportunity keep up with all things related to work in Chromium/Blink.

As is tradition, several Igalians will be attending the online edition of this conference and lead the following talks.

Breakout talks

  • “:has() prototyping status”, by Byungwoo Lee
  • “MathML, onde estamos?”, by Frédéric Wang
  • “Solving font-family problems”, by Frédéric Wang
  • “CSS highlight pseudos”, by Delan Azabani
  • “Integrating New Protocol Handlers into Chrome” by Frédéric Wang and Javier Fernandez
  • “History of the Web”, an interview with Google’s Chris Wilson, hosted by Igalia’s Brian Kardell

Lightning talks

  • “Ozone News”, by Alexander Dunaev
  • “Accessible name calculation”, by Jacobo Aragunde Pérez
  • “Update of contributions on MPArch”, by Yeunjoo Choi
  • “WPT for Prerender”, by Miyoung Shin
  • “What we handle in MPArch”, by Julie Kim

We encourage you to check out the full schedule for specific dates and times as well as other interesting topics and speakers, and join if you can.

If you plan to be in attendance and would like to have a quick chat, please reach out to us via info (at), or you can follow us on twitter @igalia.