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"W3C's TPAC begins next week"

Each year, W3C’s membership assembles for its largest event, known as “TPAC” (historically this was an initialism for “Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee”; the format has changed, but the short name remains). Traditionally, TPAC is a week-long onsite series of meetings and connected events in which a large amount of work on both standards and the maintenance of the W3C itself occurs.

Igalia is always happy to send numerous attendees to this event. We’re also very pleased to be sponsors of this year’s event, as well as contributors to the TPAC Diversity and Inclusion fund, aimed at making wider and more diverse participation possible.

This year, the event is a bit different: It will be remote, spread over a longer period of time, and importantly, an entire week of breakout discussions and presentations will be open to the public (October 18-22).

Igalia’s Eric Meyer will also be giving a talk entitled “Adventures in Collective Implementation” next Tuesday (October 19) at 4:00 PM-4:30 PM UTC, in which he will also make an announcement that we’re looking forward to talking about. Tune in, and watch here Tuesday for more information, including a new episode of Igalia Chats discussing the announcement.