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"Igalia's support of Outreachy's Internship Program"

Igalia’s commitment to equality, software freedom, and collaborative innovation guides us in everything we do. On that note, we have recently taken part as an “Includer” in the Outreachy internship program.

Outreachy is an internship program created to support people from groups underrepresented in tech, specifically focusing on free and Open Source software. They do this by concentrating on helping newcomers to free software and open source make their first contributions and becoming involved in the free and open source community. All positions are remote thus allowing for more prospects by which to create a more diverse candidate pool.

Interns work with experienced mentors from open source communities. Outreachy internship projects may include programming, user experience, documentation, illustration, graphical design, or data science. Interns often find employment after their internship with Outreachy sponsors or in jobs that use the skills they learned during their internship.

We are proud to contribute to this effort and congratulate all the participants who are selected to participate. If you are interested in learning more please visit Outreachy.