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"Igalia launches new open collective"

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Open Prioritization Collective. With the Open Source Collective as its Fiscal Host (a 501(c)(6)), this allows joint funding to be gathered from many sources and earmarked toward funding projects on web standards and implementations. In our original Open Prioritization experiment, we asked for non-binding pledges towards several potential projects. We have now established enough pledges to move forward on a specific project. This project, :Focus-Visible in WebKit, is now part of the new Open Prioritization Collective and it is available for you to actually contribute your pledged dollars.

The Open Prioritization Collective will allow the project work to be invoiced as well as track the budget and show both how the money came in and was spent.

We are also pleased to be part of the pilot program in which funding of the Open Collective platform is done through optional tips to reduce the fees necessary to keep all of this going. So, as you contribute your pledged dollars, if you like the idea of being able to support things like this, please consider giving them a tip on your way through the donation process!

If you pledged to :focus-visible in WebKit, please remember to go back and contribute your pledge with actual funding to the project so we can get to work, there are several ways to make a payment on the site! We are realistic in that we expect that some pledges may not be realized and that we fell a little short of our original pledge estimate, so don’t hesitate to contribute if you think this is something you’re interested in supporting, even if you didn’t previously pledge. Remember, any funds remaining in the collective platform at the completion of the project work can be applied towards additional projects we’ll post in the future.

This has been an exciting process and we are very much looking forward to continuing The Open Prioritization initiative and planning what the next projects for consideration will be: If you have ideas for projects that you think are good candidates, please share them with us at @igalia or