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"focus-visible moves forward as the crowd choice"

We are happy to announce that thanks to support in the community, our Open Prioritization will help move a the commons forward and that lots of people helped play a role in prioritizing the work we’ll be doing. While no project managed to reach its full goal in pledges in 90 days, one did come very close: :focus-visible in WebKit achieved almost 90% of its goal in pledges.

:focus-visible, for those who might not be aware is a CSS Pseudoclass which matches when an element has focus and the browser would normally show a native focus indicator. Focus indicators are very important for many forms of navigation and interaction, however it is difficult to distill a single rule that “feels right” in all cases. Because of this feedback and research, browsers have historically not always shown the focus indicator when an element is focused, but rather rely on heuristics about the kind of control and particular interaction to deterimine whether or not it is shown. However, this information has never been available to authors in CSS. Instead, authors had only the coarse grained :focus state. The net result of this being that, after similar feedback, authors overwhelmingly disable the focus indicator altogether. :focus-visible is aimed at removing that disinentive by allowing authors to respond to the same cues as the browser would natively.

:focus-visible was shipped by default in chromium browsers based on 86, in October 2020. It is currently awaiting release by default in Firefox 85, and now, with your help Igalia will soon begin work to bring this to WebKit as well!

Shortly, we will be announcing how to commit funds through Open Collective as well as next steps as we carry forward with this idea. For more information, Brian Kardell has also written a blog post with more thoughts and observations

Igalia would like to thank everyone who helped make this a success by participating in any way, from writing blog posts to having us on podcasts, to just sharing on social media. We would especially like to thank those who pledged to any project and offer a special thanks to both the A11y Project and AMPHTML, both of whom ran campaigns with matching funds, without which this could not have been successful.

And, a very special thanks in particular to those who helped :focus-visible advance:

  • Adam Argyle
  • Adam Buechler
  • Adam Williams
  • Adrian Roselli
  • Alain Vagner
  • Alastair Campbell
  • Albert Willis
  • Alex Hackney
  • Alex Komarov
  • Alexander Mextner
  • Annie Sullivan
  • Anthony George
  • Austin Greene
  • Brian Kardell
  • Christophe Asselin
  • Cory Birdsong
  • Daniel Cousineau
  • Daniel Ehrenberg
  • Daniel Tonon
  • Dave Rupert
  • David Mzareulyan
  • Deyan Ginev
  • Dimitrios Grammatikogiannis
  • Doug Schepers
  • Eiji Kitamura
  • Eli Howey
  • Emit Flesti
  • Erik Isaksen
  • Florens Verschelde
  • J. Ryan Stinnett
  • James Churchman
  • Jamie White
  • Javier Fernandez
  • Jay Hoffmann
  • Jeffrey Yasskin
  • Jonathan Kingston
  • Jordan Austin
  • Josh Vickerson
  • Jouni Koivuviita
  • Kenneth
  • Kevin Powell
  • Kevin Yank
  • Kyle Simpson
  • Lajja Shah
  • Marcus Herrmann
  • Matthew Phillips
  • Maximilian Franzke
  • Miriam Suzanne
  • Naoki Nakamura
  • Natalie Tucker
  • Natalie Tucker
  • Nguyễn Thành Nhân
  • Nicole Sullivan
  • Nikita Eybog
  • Nikita Prytkov
  • Oriol Brufau
  • Pablo Saavedra
  • Paulo Matos
  • Peter Rushforth
  • Piccalilli
  • Piotr Großmann
  • Rick Beyers
  • Sergey Rubanov
  • sipgate GmbH
  • Sven Wolfermann
  • Tara Vancil
  • Tommy Hodgins
  • Travis Hardiman
  • Una Kravets
  • Vadim Makeev
  • Viktor Lebedev
  • Westbrook Johnson
  • Yuhei Yasuda
  • And other anonymous donors!