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"BlinkOn 13 is happening November 17-19, 2020"

BlinkOn 13 will take place virtually November 17-19. Chromium/Blink developers everywhere have an opportunity to attend talks, learn about what is happening and engage in conversations with other contributors about things related to their work in Chromium/Blink and web standards more generally. Igalia will lead talks on the following:

  • Progress of legacy IPCs conversion by Gyuyoung Kim
  • Ozone News by Alex Dunaev
  • Enabling Accessibility on Linux by Julie Kim
  • What is LaCros by Antonio Gomes
  • Chromium with Ozone on Linux by Alex Dunaev
  • Keep GCC running (2020 edition) by Jose Dapena Paz
  • Summary of Igalia’s contributions to Chromium the past year by Mario Sanchez.

Brian Kardell will also be leading an interview panel on the history of the web with Ben Goodger & Ben Galbraith.

If you plan to be in attendance and would like to have a quick chat, please reach out to us via info at igalia.com or you can follow us on twitter @igalia.