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"Igalia is participating in ELC 2020"

For 15 years, Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) and Open Source Summit have been bringing companies and developers using Linux in embedded products and IoT together to learn and collaborate. This year, ELC+OSS EU like many events it have gone virtual. The conferences will be held October 26-29 on the Greenwich Mean Time Zone, with some additional off-track events.

Igalia is very active in embedded platforms, embedded browsers, and in the open source community. We will be attending, and giving a few talks.

  • On Monday, October 26th Maksim Sisov will present a talk “Waylandifying Chromium - From Downstream to Shipping” (14:15 GMT)
  • On Tuesday, October 27th Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias will provide “An Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4” (18:30 GMT)

We will be available for questions and discussions during these events via Jitsi room. We’re looking forward to having people stop by and chat with us.

We will also have some special “ask the expert” events via Jitsi. This will allow people to ask our engineers specialized questions. Watch our twitter account for specific times and announcements.

We hope to see you there!