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"Igalia's v3dv continues to progress"

Igalia is pleased to announce that a new milestone has been reached in our efforts in creating a new Vulkan driver for the Broadcom’s VideoCore VI GPU, in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

This week the v3dv Vulkan driver was merged upstream and thus has become part of the official Mesa drivers.

While this doesn’t mean that the driver is ready for production use, we have now implemented the full Vulkan 1.0 API and are passing over 100,000 tests in the Kronos Conformance Test Suite (CTS), up almost 30,000 tests from just a few months ago. As we have demonstrated, the driver has already been quite capable and just keeps getting better.

We continue to be excited by the pace and progress of this project and believe that this recent step will be a positive improvement. If you would like to learn more about this effort, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has provided details about the meaning of this milestone and the implications that this new driver will have for the Raspberry Pi 4.