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"W3C TPAC 2020 will be held virtually in October"

W3C TPAC is an annual event that brings the W3C community (Members, W3C technical groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG and the Advisory Committee) together for some collective brainstorming. The goal is to discuss and create some momentum around topics (e.g. technical, social) pertaining to web standards as well as to advance some standards.

This year’s event is virtual and spread out over several days. Joint group meetings will be held October 12-16, AC meeting Oct 20 and break out week is Oct 26-30. Igalia has been a regular participant at this annual event and will attend the virtual event this year, participating in several working groups, committees and breakout sessions, including one on our MathML-Core work and rechartering. If you are attending or would like to get in touch with us please contact via our Contact Form.