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"Two projects remain"

As described in our last update, we have now narrowed the field of projects in the running to be crowd-funded in our open-prioritization by the criteria we had previously described.

Two projects met the criteria we established: :focus-visible and inert. While inert has raised more total pledge dollars, :focus-visible has a actually achieved a higher percentage of its goal. Both of these projects still have a long way to go to approach their goals.

This phase of the experiment will conclude in 30 days (November 9, 2020) so that we can make the decision of whether to move into the phase of actually trying to crowdfund one of these, and begin to consider next experiments. Remember, this experiment can only be successful with your help. If you would like to see individuals and businesses able to collectively prioritize work through shared investment, please consider making a pledge. In addition to navigating to and using the open collective interface through, you can also make your pledge via a simple tweet or email letting us know which project you intend to support (this can be “no preference” or “any project”). This can be any amount.