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"Improvements and a look back so far.."

In December of last year, we thought it might be nice to record some interviews with people to talk in depth with things that Igalians are involved with and care about. We made this available as a downloadable mp3 and on YouTube, and offered transcripts for both. The responses were positive and so we’ve just kept doing them, and making things a little better.

As of today, you can subscribe to Igalia chats as a podcast on popular podcast sources like ITunes and Spotify.

You can browse the chats on our website too, through our 24/7 feed where you can see and subscribe to all kinds of interesting things Igalians are doing.

Here you’ll find interviews about the history, challenges and current standards work of HTML’s two “special” cousins: MathML and SVG, which are integrated into the HTML parser and specification itself as “Other Embedded Content”. In both cases, these interviews are with people who have been around since the introduction of these ideas in the browser.

You’ll also find an interview about accessibility, that talk about how accessibility. Not just why it’s important, but how actually works architecturally and the work that Igalia does in this space with an engineer who works on this.

Additionally, there is our current, ongoing series about Web Ecosystem Health: Thoughtful conversations with developers, implementers and people involved from many directions about the challenges past, present and future about how we maintain a healthy commons of standards and implementers, as well as why that matters.

We hope you’ll check it out!