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"Thibault Saunier on the Motion Picture Industry and Open Source Software"

Igalia is attending the Pipeline conference this year, a global conference for professionals interested in VFX, Animation, Gaming and Immersive Media. It takes place on August 11-13 virtually and, this year is in conjunction with DigiPro.

Thibault Saunier is presenting a talk today about The Motion Picture Industry and Open Source Software: GStreamer as an Alternative from 12:20 – 13:00 PDT.

If you plan to attend please join the talk to learn how and why GStreamer, the multimedia framework that powers most TV screens and set-top boxes in the world, and is at the core of leading deep learning frameworks such as the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, could be leveraged in the motion picture industry to allow faster innovation and solve issues by reusing all the multi-platform infrastructure the community has to offer.