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"New time, new place, new format!"

The 2020 Web Engines Hackfest is breaking with tradition, taking place in May this year, at a new venue, and with a new format.

Igalia has been hosting the Web Engines Hackfest every year since 2009. And every year the event has grown bigger, with an increasing number of participants and broader areas of interest. In the early days, the Hackfest participants were almost entirely WebKit developers. Over time that expanded to include developers of Blink and Gecko. And most recently, participants have joined us to discuss and work on testing and standards. We even grew so big that we had to start turning people down due to lack of space in our offices.

This year we are solving the space problem by moving the Web Engines Hackest to a conference venue in A Coruña: Palexco. We are also moving the event to May (18-20) because we heard from many of you that September/October conflicted with other events.

Given that we now have more rooms in which sessions can take place, we are changing the format: The first day will consist primarily of presentations and lightning talks. The rest of the event will be unconference-style, focused on topics and tasks defined during the first day. A Call for Presentations will be announced in the weeks to come.

If you are a member of the Web Platform community, we hope you will join us to discuss, make plans, do development. Please fill out the registration form, and we look forward to seeing you this spring at the 2020 Web Engines Hackfest in A Coruña.