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Final Events for 2019

Igalians are wrapping up 2019 by attending the following events:

  • On December 11-12 Joyee will attend the Node+JS Interactive in Montreal, Canada where she will present her talk about Node + JS Interactive 2019: “How Node.js Bootstraps Itself: 2019 Edition”.

  • Dan Ehrenberg will participate in D2 (the Designer & Developer Front End Technology Forum) which is a venue that allows front end developers to meet to discuss the latest technologies. This year, D2 is taking place in Hangzhou, China, on December 14. Dan will present TC39 standardization while in attendance. He will then travel to Shenzhen, China Dec 20-23 where he will attend GMTC. GMTC is a technical conference in China for front end developers. While at GMTC, Dan will give a talk to discuss JavaScript WeakRefs and TC39 standardization.

See you in 2020!