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"Where will you find Igalians in November?"

During November you will find us at the following events:

  • RustFest in Barcelona, Spain from November 9-12. It’s our first time joining this event and we are looking forward to attending the sessions, meeting other Rustaceans and finding out what’s new with Rust.

  • The Chrome Dev Summit from Nov 11-12 in San Francisco, CA. This summit brings developers together to discuss the latest techniques for building the modern Web. Igalia will participate along with the other attendees to learn about the work that is currently taking place and how to work together to advance the platform.

  • BlinkOn11 taking place November 14-15 in Sunnyvale, CA. BlinkOn is a biannual meeting of Blink, V8, and Chromium contributors, a community in which Igalia has an active role. Igalia will send ten of our top developers to join in the discussions, where we will give two main talks: “MathML Core” by Fred Wang and “Improving Chromium’s code health: Onion Soup and beyond” by Mario Sánchez and Antonio Gomes. Igalians are also participating in 7 lightning talks.

We hope to see some of you in our travels.