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"We are excited to announce that Igalia will be attending ONS in Amsterdam, September 25 - 27"

The Open Networking Summit Europe is a major venue for sharing knowledge about open source networking technologies. Igalia plays an active role in this area with a networking team specialized in data-plane development using several high-performance open-source toolkits (VPP/, Snabb).

VPP is one of the core components of, a Linux Foundation project for the development of fast data planes. Originally developed by Cisco and open-sourced in 2016, VPP is a high-performance open-source framework for building routers, switches, and other network functions in user-space on off-the-shell servers.

Snabb is a related project in the same domain that focuses on rapid prototyping and just-in-time compilation. Solutions built in Snabb leverage cutting-edge programming language technology to transform high-level network function configurations to fast low-level code.

Igalia's networking team uses its experience building production open-source network functions for the telco market to provide custom high-performance solutions based on both VPP and Snabb.

If you are interested in discussing what Igalia can offer you in the open networking space, please visit our booth and reach out to us.

See you there!