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Three more Igalians will maintain several areas of Chromium code

Antonio Gomes and Maksim Sisov have been accepted as owners of Ozone/Wayland where most of Igalia's efforts in adding Wayland support to Chromium upstream happen. This means that we will be able to review any contributions to the code that goes directly to improve the Wayland backend in the Ozone layer.

All our work has been done in order to enable windowing system integration in the current Chromium architecture. Having full Wayland support in Chromium will give users native access to all Chromium features on Wayland-based systems.

Additionally, Gyuyoung Kim, who has been working on the custom handler in Chromium has just been accepted as a new owner of NavigatorContentUtils in the third_party modules directory. This feature allows a user to define custom scheme handlers and specify their behavior by using navigator.registerProtocolHandler and navigator.unregisterProtocolHandler. (i.e. sms://, ssh://, tel://, // etc.)

Igalia has been working with the Chromium community to add many new features as part of a steady and continuous effort to contribute to the project.