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"New in 2018: VPP, multicore YANG-driven Snabb, L7 firewall, IPFIX exporter"

Igalia is pleased to announce the expansion of its open source network function development offering to include VPP and extended Snabb-based functionality.

Trying to find your way through the world of user-space networking? Come by Igalia's booth to talk about our experience porting an IPFIX exporter from Snabb to VPP, from development to tests to performance benchmarking -- or just to hear about the benchmark results.

In addition to VPP, Igalia continues to develop network functions on top of Snabb for major network operators. Hear about the new developments in Snabb in 2018: multicore facilities for horizontal scaling via both on-NIC and custom software classifiers, model-driven configuration, deployment, and reconfiguration with YANG, just-in-time native code generation for fast packet filtering, and more.

Just looking a finished network function? Come by to hear about the Snabb-based open source data-planes that you can take advantage of today: the world-class AFTR for the lw4o6 IPv6 transition technology, the unsampled line-rate IPFIX exporter, the L7 firewall, IPsec-based VPN, and many others.

Igalia offers custom network function development services based on both the VPP and Snabb stacks and we would be happy to be part of your next open-source networking success.

Igalia's engineers will be available throughout the Open Networking Summit; catch us in the hallways or at booth #15 in the Willshire Grand Foyer.

See you there!