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"Grid Layout is shipped! Go try it!"

For those who have been waiting for this feature, we have a very good news. You can start using CSS Grid Layout in Chrome 57, Safari 10.1, Firefox 52 and Opera 44, so make sure to download the latest browser and test the feature.

The implementation of the CSS Grid Layout in Blink and WebKit was a project that started in 2013 thanks to Bloomberg's sponsorship commitment and to Igalian engineers who have led the implementation of the specification along these years. Thanks to this work, the browsers that use these engines now have Grid Layout support, like Chrome, Safari and Opera among others.

We are excited to know that many web developers and designers are now able to deliver rich and responsive contents across the web thanks to the new feature. And we hope to continue implementing cool and challenging features in the future.

You can get all the details about CSS Grid Layout, its concepts and its use cases in this blog. If you want to know the story behind the Grid Layout project funded by Bloomberg, check out Manuel's recent blog too.

Enjoy your Grid!