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"Open internship positions!"

Igalia is happy to announce that we have open positions for our Coding Experience Program. The Igalia Coding Experience is a program intended to give interns their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with Igalia programmers and learning with them. 

For 2016 we are offering positions in the following areas:

  • Multimedia: Processing video and audio streams with GStreamer in the context of the  web browser. You would be working with GStreamer elements and  applications, particularly for improving the multimedia experience on the web.
  • Compilers: Students will work on JavaScript engines such as V8 and JSC, helping to bring them into compliance with the latest specification of the language.
  • Networking: The student will turn RFCs into code.
  • W3C standards implementation: Implement and test new CSS features in the core of web engines.
  • Web application development:  The student will help us to improve our open source time tracking tool, PhpReport. They will learn how to develop web applications with LAMP technologies, writing both server and client side code.

For more details about the program and the application, please check out here.