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Javier Fernández 22/01/2014

Improving selection in CSS Regions

I would like to introduce in this post the main problems we have detected in the Selection implementation of two of the most important web engines, such as Blink and WebKit. I’ve already described some of these issues, particularly for CSSRegions,...

Andy Wingo 19/01/2014

elf in guile

Good evening, gentle hackfolk!Today I'd like to wrap up my three-part series of articles on what's new in Guile 2.2's compiler and runtime. I talked about the virtual machine a couple months ago, and the compiler internals just last...

Iago Toral 17/01/2014

WebKitGTK Wayland: Initial support for WebKit2 and Accelerated Compositing

Quick Recap In my last post on the subject I explained how during the last WebKitGTK hackfest my colleague Eduardo Lima and I got a working GTK application that made use of the nested compositor design we need in WebKitGTK to get WebKit2 to work under...

Jacobo Aragunde 14/01/2014

A somehow late recap on 2013

First of all let me wish you a happy new year, dear reader! These kinds of posts are supposed to be published in the last days of the year, but I needed some holidays before being back at full-steam. That’s … Continue reading →

Andy Wingo 12/01/2014

a continuation-passing style intermediate language for guile

Happy new year's, hackfolk!A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming Guile 2.2 release, and specifically about its new register virtual machine. Today I'd like to burn some electrons on another new part in Guile 2.2, its intermediate...

Víctor Jáquez 31/12/2013

Boosting WebKitGTK+ compilation for armhf with icecream

Some time ago I needed to jump into the fix-compile-test loop for WebKitGTK+, but in the armhf architecture, speaking in terms of Debian/Ubuntu. To whom don’t know, WebKitGTK+ is huge, it is humongous, and it takes a lot of resources to compile....

Andy Wingo 18/12/2013

optimizing let in spidermonkey

Peoples! Firefox now optimizes let-bound variables!What does this mean, you ask? Well, as you nerdy wingolog readers probably know, the new ECMAScript 6 standard is coming soon. ES6 has new facilities that make JavaScript more expressive. At the same...

Samuel Iglesias 13/12/2013

AIME on Technology of Controls for Accelerators and Detectors

Last week, Javier Muñoz and myself attended the conference HEPTech Academia – Industry Matching Event on Technology of Controls for Accelerators and Detectors, which was hosted at DEMOKRITOS, Athens. The target of this event was to have Academia...

Carlos García Campos 12/12/2013

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest 2013: The Network Process

As every year many ideas came up during the WebKitGTK+ hackfest presentation, but this time there was one we all were very excited about, the multiple web processes support. Apple developers already implemented the support for multiple web processes in...

Philippe Normand 12/12/2013

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest 2013 edition

So for the 5th time I attended the WebKitGTK+ hackfest and as usual I spent most of the time working on Multimedia-related tasks, well just one this year actually, WebRTC. I think WebRTC is quite an important HTML5 specification, we all want to get rid of...


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Meiga shares previously selected local directories via web and also as an RSS feed. It is able to reconfigure your LAN router using UPnP to make the sharing accessible from the Internet.



Siggy is a Maemo 5 application to manage your personal budget and expenses.



SeriesFinale is a TV series browser and tracker application for Maemo (Diablo and Fremantle).



Bill strives to be a solution for developing applications which can be run on platforms with limited resources (e.g. embedded systems) on top of the GNU Bash shell, with a focus on quality and reusability of shell code.



MAFWGriloSource is a MAFW source powered by Grilo to provide access to different sources in the Maemo 5 official multimedia player (Fremantle).