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Javier Muñoz 16/06/2014

Visit to INTECO's Cyber-Security Headquarters

Several weeks ago, I was invited by INTECO to attend the seminar 'Secure Coding in C and C++'. The event took place at INTECO's Cyber-Security headquarters in León, Spain. It was a great coincidence because Robert, the person teaching this seminar, and...

Javier Muñoz 16/06/2014

Collaborating with the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute on browser security

Those last weeks I was really busy here in Igalia. We were hacking in Chromium/Blink broadly, attending to BlinkOn 2, held our Assembly, enjoyed one of our summits and so on. On the top of all these things we started to collaborate with the Carnegie...

Carlos López 13/06/2014

WebKitGTK+ Performance Bot!

Lately I have been working on the WebKitGTK+ build bots that Igalia maintains. Some of the improvements we achieved include: A faster machine for the x64 Debug bot. Splitting both the x64 Debug and Release bots in build-only and test-only...

Jacobo Aragunde 05/06/2014

Tales of LibreOffice interoperability: shape theme colors and styles

This is the latest chapter of the series about interoperability features that will be part of LibreOffice 4.3, brought to you by Igalia and sponsored by CloudOn, like the previous ones. Last week we explained our work with theme color … Continue...

Jacobo Aragunde 28/05/2014

Tales of LibreOffice interoperability: font and paragraph colors

Last week, LibreOffice community branched out the version 4.3 in preparation of the next release in July. We had already introduced one of the new interoperability features that will be part of that release in the previous post in this … Continue...

Samuel Iglesias 20/05/2014

BlinkOn 2: Zürich

Last week I traveled to Zürich to attend to BlinkOn 2 at the office Google has there. This is the first time the event is done in Europe (previous one at US) and it was a very good opportunity to meet all...

Manuel Rego 19/05/2014

CSS Grid Layout at BlinkOn 2

Past week I’d been attending BlinkOn 2 at Google office in Zurich. I think that the best part of this kind of events is to have the chance to meet many well known people that you only see usually in the bug tracker and IRC. It was nice to see other...

Andy Wingo 18/05/2014

effects analysis in guile

OK kids, so I had a bit of time recently and have been hacking on Guile's new CPS-based compiler slated for stable release in a few months. I have a few things to write about but today's article is on effects analysis.what it is, yoThe job of...

Samuel Iglesias 10/05/2014

Convocatoria de Asamblea General Ordinaria de Socios de AsturLiNUX

Queda convocada una Asamblea General Ordinaria de Socios de AsturLiNUX para el Sábado 17 de Mayo de 2014, a las 16:30 en primera convocatoria y a las 17:00 en segunda convocatoria. El lugar será el Hotel de Asociaciones de Oviedo. … Continue...

Jacobo Aragunde 08/05/2014

Document Freedom Day 2014 recap

You already know I took part in the celebration of the Document Freedom Day speaking in an event in the University of Coruña. The nice people from GPUL had recorded the talks and now they are ready for everyone to … Continue reading →