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Andy Wingo 07/03/2014

es6 generator and array comprehensions in spidermonkey

Good news, everyone: ES6 generator and array comprehensions just landed in SpiderMonkey! Thanks to Bloomberg for sponsoring this work.

Juan A. Suárez 06/03/2014

Yum Search Extended

Hi again! Let me tell you something. I’m a Fedora user since several releases ago, probably since Fedora 13 or 14. Before that, I was using Ubuntu, but decided to switch to Fedora for several reasons that are not worth to … Continue reading...

Iago Toral 28/02/2014

Epiphany + WebKitGTK/WebKit2 + Wayland + Accelerated Compositing

In my previous post I shared that I had managed to get a basic implementation of WebKitGTK+WebKit2 to work under Wayland. I also discussed some of the pieces that were still missing, most important of which was supporting for multiple views, that is,...

Xabier Rodríguez 27/02/2014

New media controls in WebKitGtk+ (reloaded)

In December we organized in A Coruña the WebKitGTK+ hackfest at the Igalia premises as usual and also as usual it was an awesome oportunity to meet the rest of the team. For more information about the progress done in the hackfest, you can have a look at...

Jacobo Aragunde 25/02/2014

LibreOffice UX hackfest: for an accessible user experience

Accessibility is one of the areas of interest for us at Igalia, that’s why I traveled to Brussels some weeks ago to take part in the LibreOffice UX hackfest organized by The Document Foundation and kindly hosted by Betacowork. My colleage...

Andy Wingo 18/02/2014

compost, a leaf function compiler for guile

What's that out by the woodshed? It's a steaming pile -- it's full of bugs -- it's compost, a leaf function compiler for Guile!Around this time last year, a few of us cooked up some hack-dishes to bring to a potluck for Guile...

Adrián Pérez 17/02/2014

A tale of multiple processes in WebKitGTK+

One of the goals we defined during the 2013 edition of the WebKitGTK+ hackfest —among others— was enabling the Network Process, which my colleague Carlos already blogged about right after the hackfest, and with that in place, we would be then able to...

Manuel Rego 29/01/2014

Performance of selection with CSS Regions in WebKit and Blink (Part II – perf profiler)

After the initial post introducing this topic and describing the Performance Tests (perftests), now is time to explain how to analyze the performance issues with a profiler in order to improve the code. “Manual” measurements First of all, you...

Manuel Rego 23/01/2014

Approach to fix selection with CSS Regions (WebKitGTK+ hackfest late wrap-up)

As you probably know if you have been following this blog, we’ve been working for a while in selection interaction with CSS Regions inside a collaboration between Adobe and Igalia. First of all, let’s contextualize this post. WebKitGTK+...

Jacobo Aragunde 22/01/2014

Flying to Brussels for some hacking

Just some lines to say I’ll be flying to Brussels with some of my fellow Igalians to attend FOSDEM 2014 next week. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet in person the members of the communities we are involved in, … Continue reading...


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Meiga shares previously selected local directories via web and also as an RSS feed. It is able to reconfigure your LAN router using UPnP to make the sharing accessible from the Internet.



Siggy is a Maemo 5 application to manage your personal budget and expenses.



SeriesFinale is a TV series browser and tracker application for Maemo (Diablo and Fremantle).



Bill strives to be a solution for developing applications which can be run on platforms with limited resources (e.g. embedded systems) on top of the GNU Bash shell, with a focus on quality and reusability of shell code.



MAFWGriloSource is a MAFW source powered by Grilo to provide access to different sources in the Maemo 5 official multimedia player (Fremantle).