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Jacobo Aragunde 14/04/2014

Tales of LibreOffice interoperability: theme fonts

This is the first post in a series that explains the work that we’ve been doing lately in LibreOffice at Igalia, which hopefully will be part of the future 4.3 release. Document themes is one of the features of the … Continue reading →

Javier Fernández 11/04/2014

New shorthand properties for CSS Grid Layout

I’ve been working for a while already on the implementation of the CSS Grid Layout standard for the WebKit and Blink web engines. It’s a complex specification, indeed, like most of them, so I enjoyed a lot decrypting all the angles behind the...

Sergio Villar 31/03/2014

Adventures in the Grid

Hi there, fellow readers. Today I’m starting a mini-series of posts to talk a little bit about the work I’ve been lately doing at Igalia around WebKit and Blink web engines. I’ve been involved in the implementation of a new standard...

Jacobo Aragunde 25/03/2014

Document Freedom Day 2014 @ A Coruña

I’m honored to be invited to talk about LibreOffice project as part of the celebration of the Document Freedom Day at the University of Coruña. It’s being organized by GPUL and the other speakers will be Chema Casanova and Juan …...

Carlos García Campos 24/03/2014

WebKitGTK+ 2.4.0: the multiprocess made easy

Yes, we did it again, we have just released WebKitGTK+ 2.4.0, another major stable release with a lot of bug fixes, some new features and more complete API. Multiple Web Processes This is the most important new feature included in this release, and the...

Víctor Jáquez 24/03/2014


I spent a week in Munich. I went there for two reasons: to attend the Web & TV workshop organized by the W3C and to hack along with the gst-gang in the GStreamer Hackfest 2014. All these sponsored by Igalia, my company. I arrived to Munich on Tuesday...

Andrés Gómez 20/03/2014

Side tabs in Empathy

Going quickly to the interesting part. If you happen to use Ubuntu Saucy 13.10 and would like to have side tabs in Empathy, just write the following commands: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tanty/ppa If, in addition to be using Ubuntu Saucy 13.10 you are...

Andrés Gómez 20/03/2014

Quickly publishing in your Ubuntu PPA

This is more a note pad for myself with quickly instructions about how to upload a (usually patched) package to my own PPAs. Patching an existing package First thing is downloading the sources of the package from the repository that is providing the buggy...

Andy Wingo 17/03/2014

stack overflow

Good morning, gentle hackers. Today's article is about stack representation, how stack representations affect programs, what it means to run out of stack, and that kind of thing. I've been struggling with the issue for a while now in Guile and...

Manuel Rego 13/03/2014

Welcome CSS Grid Layout

Igalia has been working in the implementation of CSS Grid Layout since past year (more below). This year I’ve had the chance to join the team and help to move forward this great spec.


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Meiga shares previously selected local directories via web and also as an RSS feed. It is able to reconfigure your LAN router using UPnP to make the sharing accessible from the Internet.



Siggy is a Maemo 5 application to manage your personal budget and expenses.



SeriesFinale is a TV series browser and tracker application for Maemo (Diablo and Fremantle).



Bill strives to be a solution for developing applications which can be run on platforms with limited resources (e.g. embedded systems) on top of the GNU Bash shell, with a focus on quality and reusability of shell code.



MAFWGriloSource is a MAFW source powered by Grilo to provide access to different sources in the Maemo 5 official multimedia player (Fremantle).