Latest Updates

Igalia 15/05/2015

Robin Templeton has joined Igalia

Exciting Lisp and V8 contributions awaited

Igalia 13/05/2015

2015 Protocols Plugfest Europe

Meet Igalians at Protocols Plugfest Europe, May 12-14 (Zaragoza, Spain)

Igalia 23/04/2015

Igalia attends the GENIVI AMM Stuttgart

Igalia and browsers for the automotive industry

Igalia 27/03/2015

Igalia and Social Responsibility

NGO contributions and bikes

Igalia 19/03/2015

Meet us at the Embedded Linux Conference US (March 23-25)

We are once again sponsoring and attending ELC this year in San Jose, CA

Igalia 09/03/2015

Igalia to attend the 2015 WebKit Contributors Meeting

Discussing Streams API, Grid Layout, and WebKit for Wayland

Igalia 02/03/2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 (March 2nd-5th, Barcelona)

Igalia looks forward to attending the MWC again this year.

Igalia 24/02/2015

Spring AGL All Members Meeting

Mi Sun Silvia representing Igalia in Tokyo, February 25-26th

Igalia 17/02/2015

Linux Collaboration Summit 2015

This invitation only event is organized by the Linux Foundation and takes place in Santa Rosa, California on February 18-20

Igalia 28/01/2015

Žan Doberšek is now a WebKit Reviewer

This prolific contributor also started WebKit for Wayland.