Latest Updates

Igalia 24/02/2015

Spring AGL All Members Meeting

Mi Sun Silvia representing Igalia in Tokyo, February 25-26th

Igalia 17/02/2015

Linux Collaboration Summit 2015

This invitation only event is organized by the Linux Foundation and takes place in Santa Rosa, California on February 18-20

Igalia 28/01/2015

Žan Doberšek is now a WebKit Reviewer

This prolific contributor also started WebKit for Wayland.

Igalia 27/01/2015

Four Igalians presenting at FOSDEM 2015

Meet seven Igalians in Brussels on January 31st/February 1st.

Igalia 13/01/2015

Igalia opens a Systems Administrator position

Igalia is currently looking to expand its team and seeks to hire a Systems Administrator in Galicia (Spain)

Igalia 09/12/2014

Announcing WebKit for Wayland

New WebKit port targeting Wayland and focusing on hardware acceleration and embedded systems.

Igalia 20/11/2014

ASOLIF awarded Igalia the title "Best Company" ("Mejor empresa de ASOLIF") in 2014

The decision has been announced during LibreCon 2014

Igalia 17/11/2014

Igalia at the Scheme '14 workshop (Washington DC)

Andy Wingo's keynote on "What Scheme Can Learn from JavaScript"

Igalia 27/10/2014

Igalia is hosting the Web Engines Hackfest (Dec 7-10)

Hacking around WebKit, Blink, Gecko, Servo, JSC, V8, SpiderMonkey and much more!

Igalia 10/10/2014

WebKit on Raspberry Pi demo and talk sessions in Düsseldorf, Oct 13-17

Come and meet us at the LinuxCon/ELC EU and GStreamer Conference!