Xavier Castaño

Catoira (Spain), 1978

Founding member of Igalia. He graduated together with other Igalians in 2001, and since then he has been working at the company.

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Six months late, pictures of #lswc12 (Libre Software World Conference in Galicia) http://t.co/ZTBmbmI4TN #igalia. Videos yet to come :(. at 07:44 Apr 25th 2013 by Xavier Castaño

Xavier Castaño 13/11/2012

We are currently seeking to hire a Sales Engineer in USA, ideally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As most of you now, Igalia is a highly-specialized European company providing consultancy services and developing innovative open source solutions for a large set of software and hardware platforms. At Igalia we work in the most exciting areas in open...


After more than two years of development the #igalia #WebKit team is proud to announce #WebKitGTK+ 2.0.0. http://t.co/zjiLpZcQOH at 21:55 Apr 11th 2013 by Xavier Castaño

Xavier Castaño 26/10/2012

Galicia capital of Free Software in 2012

It might be that the heading is a bit pretentious, but I am quite sure that this year 2012 will be known in Galicia as The Free Software Year, when we have held Guadec and Libre Software World Conference 2012. And I am really happy that we have been able...


#igalia in the top 5 reviewing WebKit code. http://t.co/s15Wi05oD2. Analysis by @Bitergia at 21:49 Mar 1st 2013 by Xavier Castaño