Víctor Jáquez

Mexico City (Mexico), 1977

Igalian, imported from Mexico, since April 2008.

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Víctor Jáquez 26/03/2013

GStreamer Hackfest 2013

Next Thursday I’ll be flighting to Milan to attend the 2013 edition of the GStreamer Hackfest. My main interests are hardware codecs and GL integration, particularly VA API integrated with GL-based sinks. Thanks Igalia for sponsoring my trip!

Víctor Jáquez 04/03/2013

Igalia (three) week in WebKit: Media controls, Notifications, and Clang build

Hi all, Three weeks have passed since I wrote the last WebKit report, and they did so quick that it scares me. Many great things have happened since then. Let’s start with my favorite area: multimedia. Phil landed a patch that avoids muting the...

Víctor Jáquez 01/02/2013

Igalia week in WebKit: Fixes, gardening, resources API and MathML

It is time for another weekly report on what is going on WebKit and Igalia. Sergio reported and helped to debug different crashes in WebKit accessibility. He improved the robustness of build-webkit. Also, he fixed a bug in the defined network buffer size,...

Víctor Jáquez 28/01/2013

Announcing GPhone v0.10

Hi folks! As many of you may know, lately I have been working on Ekiga and Opal. And, as usually happens to me, I started to wonder how I would re-write that piece of software. My main ideas growth clearly: craft a GObject library, ala WebKitGTK+,...

Víctor Jáquez 24/01/2013

Igalia WebKit week: welcome Žan and Rego!

This  a new weekly WebKit Igalia’s report. And the last week has been a shaky one. Let’s start with a warm welcome to Žan Dobersek as collaborator student, who is working hard in a lot of cool matters: gardening the bots, cleaning up the...


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gstbuffer: fix GstParentBufferMeta GType name

The alias define GST_TYPE_PARENT_BUFFER_META_API_TYPE is wrong and breaks the usage of gst_buffer_get_parent_buffer_meta(). This patch fixes the GType alias and make another alias to keep the API compatibility guarded by GST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED. Also...

Víctor Jáquez04/03/2016

bufferpool: pass acquire params to alloc_buffer

When allocating a new buffer in the pool, both the do_alloc_buffer() and the vmethod, alloc_buffer(), receive the parameter GstBufferPoolAcquireParams. Nonetheless, when default_acquire_buffer() calls the do_alloc_buffer() it does not pass the received...

Víctor Jáquez10/02/2016

gst: Fix unintialized variable warnings

While cross-compiling with Linaro GCC 5.1-2015.08, it complained about a couple unitialized variables. This patch initializes them to zero. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=761094

Víctor Jáquez25/01/2016

playsink: fix the channel of color balance element

When traversing the color balance element channel list to find the one that matches with the playsink proxy, the assignation was set to iterator of the playsink proxy, not the balance element. Thus, the mapping to the values of the balance element...

Víctor Jáquez10/06/2015