Martin Robinson

Michigan (USA), 1983

I'm a software developer working on WebKitGTK+.

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Martin Robinson 04/04/2009

Avoiding the Logging Performance Hit

Sometimes you have a function or a method which more often throws away its arguments than actually uses them. Quite possibly the most common example of this situation is logging. Often you'll see a snippet like this:log.Debug("Processing " + index + " of...

Martin Robinson 06/03/2009

DBus and Threads

Sometimes you'll be using Dbus with threads and notice intermittent segfaults with stack traces like this;#0 0xb4d58d29 in _dbus_watch_invalidate (watch=0x0) at dbus-watch.c:147#1 0xb4d57066 in free_watches (transport=0x979c0d0) at...

Martin Robinson 18/01/2009

Compiling D Source is Easy

There are two compilers available for D. The original D compiler (the one written by Walter) is DMD. It has an open-source front-end (the part that generate the IL) and a proprietary, closed-source back-end (the part that converts the IL into machine...

Martin Robinson 03/01/2009

Different People

Being There warms my heart for several reasons. One of the most notable is that Hal Ashby managed to turn a Cheech and Chong song into some kind of religious experience with umbrellas. There is also the unexpected vignette during the ending, which many...

Martin Robinson 02/01/2009

Embedding Python in D

Oooooooooh.It's some snakes.It's some snakes.A while back I began spending some time acquainting myself with D. For those who don't know, D is a relatively new system programming language with all kinds of interesting features like very flexible garbage...


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Upgrade to the latest rust-layers

Upgrade to the latest rust-layers This should fix a bug where hidden iframes are not properly clipped away from the compositor scene. This commit adds a test for this behavior. Fixes #6849.

Martin Robinson02/09/2015

Split out layered child stacking contexts in display lists

Split out layered child stacking contexts in display lists This patch is in preparation for more dynamic layerization of the pieces of display lists. It also prevents having to sort the children by z-index multiple times.

Martin Robinson26/08/2015

Update to the latest skia

Update to the latest skia Now GLRasteizationContexts require having an active GLContext. This will allow preserving GLContexts and possibly framebuffers between rasterization sessions, improving GL Rasterization performance. Linux Before: + Painting...

Martin Robinson30/07/2015

Have BufferMap store NativeSurfaces and rename to SurfaceMap

Have BufferMap store NativeSurfaces and rename to SurfaceMap We currently store LayerBuffers, because previously NativeSurfaces did not record their own size. Now we can store NativeSurfaces directly, which saves a bit of space in the surface cache and...

Martin Robinson25/07/2015

Update to latest rust-layers, azure, and skia

Update to latest rust-layers, azure, and skia GLRasterizationContext is now responsible for doing GPU rasterization. It can coexist with its target NativeSurface, so we don't have to continually recreate NativeSurfaces when doing GPU rasterization.

Martin Robinson15/07/2015