Martin Robinson

Michigan (USA), 1983

I'm a software developer working on WebKitGTK+.

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Martin Robinson 04/04/2009

Avoiding the Logging Performance Hit

Sometimes you have a function or a method which more often throws away its arguments than actually uses them. Quite possibly the most common example of this situation is logging. Often you'll see a snippet like this:log.Debug("Processing " + index + " of...

Martin Robinson 06/03/2009

DBus and Threads

Sometimes you'll be using Dbus with threads and notice intermittent segfaults with stack traces like this;#0 0xb4d58d29 in _dbus_watch_invalidate (watch=0x0) at dbus-watch.c:147#1 0xb4d57066 in free_watches (transport=0x979c0d0) at...

Martin Robinson 18/01/2009

Compiling D Source is Easy

There are two compilers available for D. The original D compiler (the one written by Walter) is DMD. It has an open-source front-end (the part that generate the IL) and a proprietary, closed-source back-end (the part that converts the IL into machine...

Martin Robinson 03/01/2009

Different People

Being There warms my heart for several reasons. One of the most notable is that Hal Ashby managed to turn a Cheech and Chong song into some kind of religious experience with umbrellas. There is also the unexpected vignette during the ending, which many...

Martin Robinson 02/01/2009

Embedding Python in D

Oooooooooh.It's some snakes.It's some snakes.A while back I began spending some time acquainting myself with D. For those who don't know, D is a relatively new system programming language with all kinds of interesting features like very flexible garbage...


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Update to reflect rust-layers changes

Update to reflect rust-layers changes It is no longer necessary to flush pending buffer requests when adding buffers nor to manually create textures for layers.

Martin Robinson19/07/2014

Changes reflecting the latest version of rust-layers

Changes reflecting the latest version of rust-layers The Tile trait has been removed and TileGrid now keeps Tile structs with Textures embedded instead of simply buffers. rust-layers now creates its own textures instead of relying on Servo to do it.

Martin Robinson17/07/2014

Respond to review comments

Respond to review comments

Martin Robinson16/07/2014

Changes to support latest rust-layers

Changes to support latest rust-layers Now tiles are stored in TileGrid and layer methods are simple instance methods.

Martin Robinson16/07/2014

Remove page_size member from CompositorData

Remove page_size member from CompositorData The page size is always the same as the layer boundaries since, SetLayerClipRect was always called after layer creation.

Martin Robinson10/07/2014