Martin Robinson

Michigan (USA), 1983

I'm a software developer working on WebKitGTK+.

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Martin Robinson 04/04/2009

Avoiding the Logging Performance Hit

Sometimes you have a function or a method which more often throws away its arguments than actually uses them. Quite possibly the most common example of this situation is logging. Often you'll see a snippet like this:log.Debug("Processing " + index + " of...

Martin Robinson 06/03/2009

DBus and Threads

Sometimes you'll be using Dbus with threads and notice intermittent segfaults with stack traces like this;#0 0xb4d58d29 in _dbus_watch_invalidate (watch=0x0) at dbus-watch.c:147#1 0xb4d57066 in free_watches (transport=0x979c0d0) at...

Martin Robinson 18/01/2009

Compiling D Source is Easy

There are two compilers available for D. The original D compiler (the one written by Walter) is DMD. It has an open-source front-end (the part that generate the IL) and a proprietary, closed-source back-end (the part that converts the IL into machine...

Martin Robinson 03/01/2009

Different People

Being There warms my heart for several reasons. One of the most notable is that Hal Ashby managed to turn a Cheech and Chong song into some kind of religious experience with umbrellas. There is also the unexpected vignette during the ending, which many...

Martin Robinson 02/01/2009

Embedding Python in D

Oooooooooh.It's some snakes.It's some snakes.A while back I began spending some time acquainting myself with D. For those who don't know, D is a relatively new system programming language with all kinds of interesting features like very flexible garbage...


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WebRender no longer needs StackingLevel information

WebRender no longer needs StackingLevel information Since the display list is already sorted before it is passed to WebRender, we don't need to pass the stacking level information any longer. Update webrender, webrender_traits, and gleam.

Martin Robinson19/04/2016

Do not run WPT tidy on pyc files

Do not run WPT tidy on pyc files Generalize the mechanism for skipping file patterns and use it for generating the list of WPT files to lint. Add *.pyc to the list of file patterns to skip.

Martin Robinson11/03/2016

Simplify the display list slightly

Simplify the display list slightly Now that WebRender uses an Iframe display item, we do not need the Noop item for the non-WebRender path. We can simply reuse the Iframe display item. Also remove the layer_id member from the LayeredItem struct, as it...

Martin Robinson11/03/2016

Flatten display list structure

Flatten display list structure Instead of producing a tree of stacking contexts, display list generation now produces a flat list of display items and a tree of stacking contexts. This will eventually allow display list construction to produce and...

Martin Robinson02/03/2016

Use DisplayListSection everywhere

Use DisplayListSection everywhere DisplayListSection, StackingLevel, and BackgroundAndBorderLevel all represent pretty much the same thing, a particular section of the display list. Instead of maintaining three enums which do the same thing, just use...

Martin Robinson09/01/2016