Javier Fernández

A Coruña (Spain), 1977

I have been working at Igalia since January 2003, and people usually call me JaviF (Javi Fisterra) or jfernandez.

Latest Updates

Javier Fernández 28/09/2010

GeoClue and Meego: Connman support

As promised, GeoClue now supports Connman as the connectivity manager module for acquiring network based location data.This step has been essential to complete the integration of GeoClue in the Meego architecture. Check the patch if you want to know the...


Attending the #bigdata london meetup. Nice lighting talks from import.io, google, mapr and more. #igalia. at 21:08 Oct 1st 2012 by Javier Fernández

Javier Fernández 06/08/2010

GeoClue and Meego

As most of you probably know, GeoClue is the default component of the GeoCLue architecture for supporting Geolocation services. The geoclue packages are installed by default in both, Netbook and Handset Meego SDK environments. I’ve been playing a...


At the Open Govermment keynote. Open Data and Open Source are the keys. #strataconf #igalia at 10:17 Oct 1st 2012 by Javier Fernández

Javier Fernández 03/08/2010

GUADEC experiences

After spending the last week attending the GUADEC, it’s time to share some thoughts and impressions. The warm-up days were not such bad after all; some networking, hacking face-to-face with people you only know from irc or email. Also, some...