Diego Pino

Vigo (Spain), 1978

After a couple of years travelling around the world, I finally joined Igalia in February 2007.

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Diego Pino 13/10/2013

LXJS in review

Last week I spent some days in Lisbon attending LXJS (Lisbon JavaScript). This was the second edition of this JavaScript conference. Considering the quality and the very positive feedback of the first edition I decided not to miss it this year. The event...

Diego Pino 14/03/2013

Kandy: a Google Reader app for your Kindle

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a Google Reader web app for the Kindle. I love my Kindle and I use it for reading wikipedia and blog posts too. Lately I was using it to read Google Reader but the interface, aimed for desktop...


New blog post: Connecting HBase to Hadoop http://t.co/Bks5kYyr #hadoop #bigdata #igalia at 15:30 Dec 14th 2012 by Diego Pino

Diego Pino 14/12/2012

Connecting HBase to Hadoop

Continuing with the series about Hadoop, this post covers how to connect HBase and Hadoop together. This makes possible for instance to feed a MapReduce job from a HBase database or to write MapReduce results to a HBase table. Taking the Hadoop Word Count...


New blog post: Introduction to HBase and NoSQL systems http://t.co/eiKNXpnq #nosql #bigdata #hbase #igalia at 16:46 Oct 31st 2012 by Diego Pino


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Merge pull request #96 from Igalia/fix-ipv6-parsing

Merge pull request #96 from Igalia/fix-ipv6-parsing Fix IPv6 address parsing

Diego Pino15/01/2015

Fix IPv6 address parsing

Fix IPv6 address parsing There was an use case that was not working correctly (3ffe:500::/28). src/pf/parse.lua: Fixed error and refactored code.

Diego Pino15/01/2015

Merge pull request #95 from Igalia/remove-old-backend

Merge pull request #95 from Igalia/remove-old-backend Replace old backend with new ANF -> SSA code generation

Diego Pino17/12/2014

Implement symbolic constants.

Implement symbolic constants. - Symbolic constants in arithmetic expressions. Add support for constansts: 'protocol header field offsets', 'icmp type field values' and 'tcp flag field values'. - Symbolic constants in logical operations. Add support...

Diego Pino17/12/2014

Implement lowering of boolean expressions

Implement lowering of boolean expressions

Diego Pino15/12/2014