José Dapena

Marín (Spain), 1978

José, who holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of A Coruña, is one of the founding members of Igalia.

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José Dapena 11/12/2009

What’s going on in Modest: new Gnome/Moblin port.

As many of you know, Modest is the mail client of Nokia n810 and n900 devices. As that, there is a huge effort on it, to make a really good mail experience in those devices. But for last years, the effort was completely concentrated on Maemo...

José Dapena 09/07/2009

Modest talk at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. Slides and screencast

On monday we (Sergio and me) had the talk about Modest for Fremantle in Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. Good to see some people interested in our work. Just Modest is getting a really pretty good shape. Definitely, it’s really cool what we could do...

José Dapena 29/04/2009

New Modest plugin system. Anyone willing to implement RSS support?

As Quim announced yesterday, the Beta release of Maemo5 SDK has been released. It includes our beloved Modest, which goes back to the opensource development. It’s been migrated to GIT, and you can see and track the development of the project from...

José Dapena 24/07/2008

Gtk 3.0 and beyond. Team requirements

The 3.0 approach of “no new functionality”, only wiping out weird stuff is good. But I have some concerns on the timing for the plan. If 3.0 is simply wiping old stuff out then, why should we wait to next Spring to finish this? Or, once we...

José Dapena 17/12/2007

Modest! Time for feedback

It’s been a lot of work. But Modest first beta is finally here. For Chinook/OS2008 users, it’s easily available: You can read more details on the release in the blogs of other Modest developers: Dirk-Jan, Philip, and my workmates at Igalia...


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José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz pushed df3896e8 to modest/modest:master

jdapena pushed df3896e8 to modest/modest:master José Dapena Paz df3896e: Fix build for maemo

José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz pushed ddb9efec to tinymail/tinymail:tinymail-1-2

jdapena pushed ddb9efec to tinymail/tinymail:tinymail-1-2 José Dapena Paz ddb9efe: PE1 Fremantle release

José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz tagged tinymail/tinymail

jdapena tagged tinymail/tinymail 1.1.91: Created tag 1.1.91

José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz pushed fccf77ad to tinymail/tinymail:master

jdapena pushed fccf77ad to tinymail/tinymail:master Javier Jardón fccf77a: Use accessor functions instead direct access

José Dapena25/03/2010