Claudio Saavedra

Santiago (Chile), 1983

Claudio joined the Igalia fame in late May 2008, after having finished his studies in Computer Engineering at the Universidad de Talca, in Chile.

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You work your ass off to produce a beautiful Linux Desktop but the Kernel mandates otherwise at 07:44 Sep 7th 2012 by Claudio Saavedra

Claudio Saavedra 08/02/2012

Wed 2012/Feb/08

Si la lluvia llega hasta aquí Voy a limitarme a vivir. Mojaré mis alas como el árbol o el ángel o quizás muera de pena. Luis Alberto Spinetta — Canción para los días de la...


Advocating FLOSS 10 years ago because of the importance of freedom; now advocating OSX because of developer experience. Rationalization? at 20:03 Sep 3rd 2012 by Claudio Saavedra

Claudio Saavedra 06/10/2011

Thu 2011/Oct/06

Most of us who work in technology, secretly wish that one day, something we've created will change the world in a positive way, or that we will be able to look back at some point and realize that we've contributed somehow to make this world a better...


Meet the @epiphanybrowser overview #gnome #igalia at 08:02 Sep 3rd 2012 by Claudio Saavedra