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North Carolina (USA), 1980


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Andy Wingo 04/04/2013

thoughts on blink

So Chromium forked WebKit again! You've probably seen some articles on it already, but Alex Russell's piece is pretty good.In retrospect the split was easy to see coming, but I can't help but feel bittersweet about it. The announcement...

Igalia 20/08/2012

New contents in our web page

Our website has received a few upgrades and we updated much of the information about our work.

Andy Wingo 27/06/2012

inside javascriptcore's low-level interpreter

Good day, hackers! And hello to the rest of you, too, though I fear that this article isn't for you. In the vertical inches that follow, we're going to nerd out with JavaScriptCore's new low-level interpreter. So for those of you that...

Andy Wingo 19/06/2012

dltool mines dwarf

This is going to sound like quite a yak-shave, but here goes: I was spending some research time here at Igalia working on a new virtual machine for Guile when I got interested by DWARF, the debugging format used in many UNIX systems (GNU, the BSDs, Mac...

Andy Wingo 29/05/2012

inline cache applications in scheme

The inline cache is a dynamic language implementation technique that originated in Smalltalk 80 and Self, and made well-known by JavaScript implementations. It is fundamental for getting good JavaScript performance.a cure for acute dynamic dispatchA...


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Assign bailout and type feedback IDs in a post-pass

Assign bailout and type feedback IDs in a post-pass This will allow us to move expressions from one function to another, for example when the parser determines that a given cover grammar instance is actually the default value initializer for an arrow...

Andy Wingo21/10/2014

Track usage of "this" and "arguments" in Scope

Track usage of "this" and "arguments" in Scope This adds flags in Scope to track wheter a Scope uses "this" and, "arguments". The information is exposed via Scope::uses_this(), and Scope::uses_arguments(), respectively. Flags for tracking usage on any...

Andy Wingo16/10/2014 should use SameValue should use SameValue BUG=v8:3576 LOG=,, Review URL: Patch from Diego Pino . git-svn-id:...

Andy Wingo16/10/2014

Implement .forEach() on typed arrays

Implement .forEach() on typed arrays BUG=v8:3578 LOG=Y, Review URL: Patch from Adrian Perez de Castro . git-svn-id:...

Andy Wingo16/10/2014

Clean up manual bit field usage in PreParserExpression

Clean up manual bit field usage in PreParserExpression Instead of using an integer value and manual bit-fiddling, use C++'s support for specifying bit sizes for integral types. This way the bits used to describe a PreParserExpression are handled by the...

Andy Wingo07/10/2014