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North Carolina (USA), 1980


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Andy Wingo 08/03/2012

an in-depth look at the performance of guile's web server

What ho, ladies! And what ho, gentlemen! The hack is on and apace. Today, the topic is performance: of Guile and of its web server, in microseconds and kiloinstructions. Brew up a pot of tea; this is a long article.the problemI have been poking at...

Andy Wingo 21/02/2012

for love and $

Friends, I'm speaking at this year! Yee haw!I would have mentioned this later, but events push me to say something now.You see, I wrote the web server that runs this thing, together with the blog software. I've been hacking on it...

Andy Wingo 21/02/2012

palindromically delimited carnival

Our time aligns on strange axes, sometimes. Last palindrome day, 11/11/11, found me walking the streets of Gothenburg with Werner Koch, the GPG maintainer. Werner said that in Germany, the carnival season opens on the 11th of November, at 11:11:11 in...

Andy Wingo 16/02/2012

unexpected concurrency

OK kids, quiz time. Spot the bugs in this Python class: import os class FD: _all_fds = set() def __init__(self, fd): self.fd = fd self._all_fds.add(fd) def close(self): if (self.fd): os.close(self.fd) ...

Andy Wingo 01/02/2012

eval, that spectral hound

Friends, I am not a free man. Eval has been my companion of late, a hellhound on my hack-trail. I give you two instances.the howl of the-environment, across the agesAs legend has it, in the olden days, Aubrey Jaffer, the duke of SCM, introduced...