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North Carolina (USA), 1980


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Andy Wingo 19/06/2012

dltool mines dwarf

This is going to sound like quite a yak-shave, but here goes: I was spending some research time here at Igalia working on a new virtual machine for Guile when I got interested by DWARF, the debugging format used in many UNIX systems (GNU, the BSDs, Mac...

Andy Wingo 29/05/2012

inline cache applications in scheme

The inline cache is a dynamic language implementation technique that originated in Smalltalk 80 and Self, and made well-known by JavaScript implementations. It is fundamental for getting good JavaScript performance.a cure for acute dynamic dispatchA...

Andy Wingo 16/05/2012

stranger in these parts

My JSConf 2012 video is out! Check it out: Visit to watch in your browser The talk is called "Stranger in these parts: A hired gun in the JS corral", and in it I talk about my experiences as a Schemer in the implementation world, with a focus on...

Andy Wingo 14/05/2012

doing it wrong: cse in guile

Greetings, readers! It's been a little while, but not because I haven't been doing anything, or nothing worth writing about. No, the reason I haven't written recently is because the perceived range of my ignorance has been growing faster...

Andy Wingo 12/03/2012

the merry month of ma

or, from the department of self-inflicted injuriesRecently I saw a bunch of errors in my server logs. People were asking for pages on my web site, but only if they were newer than Thu, 08 Ma 2012 22:44:59 GMT. "Ma"? What kind of a month is that? The...