Andy Wingo

North Carolina (USA), 1980


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Andy Wingo 18/02/2014

compost, a leaf function compiler for guile

What's that out by the woodshed? It's a steaming pile -- it's full of bugs -- it's compost, a leaf function compiler for Guile!Around this time last year, a few of us cooked up some hack-dishes to bring to a potluck for Guile...

Andy Wingo 19/01/2014

elf in guile

Good evening, gentle hackfolk!Today I'd like to wrap up my three-part series of articles on what's new in Guile 2.2's compiler and runtime. I talked about the virtual machine a couple months ago, and the compiler internals just last...

Andy Wingo 12/01/2014

a continuation-passing style intermediate language for guile

Happy new year's, hackfolk!A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming Guile 2.2 release, and specifically about its new register virtual machine. Today I'd like to burn some electrons on another new part in Guile 2.2, its intermediate...

Andy Wingo 18/12/2013

optimizing let in spidermonkey

Peoples! Firefox now optimizes let-bound variables!What does this mean, you ask? Well, as you nerdy wingolog readers probably know, the new ECMAScript 6 standard is coming soon. ES6 has new facilities that make JavaScript more expressive. At the same...

Andy Wingo 08/05/2013

generators in v8

Hey y'all, ES6 generators have landed in V8! Excellent!Many of you know what that means already, but for those of you that don't, a little story.A few months ago I was talking with Andrew Paprocki over at Bloomberg. They use JavaScript in all...