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North Carolina (USA), 1980


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Andy Wingo 04/08/2015

developing v8 with guix

a guided descent into hellIt all started off so simply. My primary development machine is a desktop computer that I never turn off. I suspend it when I leave work, and then resume it when I come back. It's always where I left it, as it should be.I...

Andy Wingo 28/07/2015

loop optimizations in guile

Sup peeps. So, after the slog to update Guile's intermediate language, I wanted to land some new optimizations before moving on to the next thing. For years I've been meaning to do some loop optimizations, and I was finally able to land a few...

Andy Wingo 27/07/2015

cps soup

Hello internets! This blog goes out to my long-time readers who have followed my saga hacking on Guile's compiler. For the rest of you, a little history, then the new thing.In the olden days, Guile had no compiler, just an interpreter written in C....

Andy Wingo 03/07/2015

Pfmatch, a packet filtering language embedded in Lua

Greets, hackers! I just finished implementing a little embedded language in Lua and wanted to share it with you. First, a bit about the language, then some notes on how it works with Lua to reach the high performance targets of Snabb Switch.the pfmatch...

Andy Wingo 18/06/2015

arrow functions coming to chrome 45!

It's been a long time coming, but I just flipped the bit in V8 that will ship arrow functions in Chrome 45! Woo hoo!You probably know, but arrow functions are a new way to write functions in JavaScript. They look like this: // Two arguments, body...