Multimedia processing is one of the most demanded and complex tasks in computing. It traverses all the software stack, ranging from the kernel up to the end-user application. Igalia has a strong team of multimedia experts with experience in all the layers of the stack, both on desktop environments and embedded devices.

GStreamer is the framework of choice for Linux-based multimedia and it has been powering multimedia embedded solutions for many years now. Our multimedia team includes many experienced GStreamer developers who are very familiar with the framework internals and contribute to its core and to many of its plugins.

We are the main developers and maintainers of the GStreamer-based multimedia back-ends of WebKit that are used by many of its ports, including WebkitGTK+ and WebkitEFL.

We also have experience bringing hardware acceleration to GStreamer, writing plugins and infrastructure required to use hardware accelerated multimedia such the case of asymmetric processing of media using multiple cores.

Beside media playback and recording, we are pioneers in digital media content discovery and browsing, and as a result, we are the main developers and maintainers of Grilo, a framework designed to provide application developers with tools that make digital media content integration extremely easy, scalable and highly maintainable.

Igalia can help you build top-notch solutions for media centres and players targeting TV, Set-top boxes and other multimedia enabled devices based on open source technologies. Our multimedia team can lead specific parts of the software development, provide advice and insight on the solutions used, join an in-house team to leverage its strenghts or help companies align their work and needs with the open source community.

  • Multimedia Middleware
  • Media Players
  • End-user Applications
  • Content Discovery
  • WebKit Multimedia
  • GStreamer
  • Grilo
  • PulseAudio
  • Kernel
  • V4L2

Featured Media

GStreamer-VAAPI: Hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding on Intel hardware (GstConf 2015)
Efficient multimedia support in QtWebKit on Raspberry Pi (GStreamer Conference 2014)
WebKit: getUserMedia GStreamer implementation
WebKit and GStreamer (GStreamer Conference 2013)
WebKitGTK+ New media controls
Cairosink and GPU Buffer Sharing (GStreamer Conference 2013)
WebKitGTK+ Multimedia: HTML5 WebAudio API
Grilo: Enhancing the multimedia experience in MeeGo (SF 2011)
Grilo at ELC-E 2010
Browse your multimedia content
Browse your multimedia content
Browse and watch your videos from YouTube
Browse and watch your videos from YouTube
Combine media from different sources
Combine media from different sources
Manage your music, video and images with Grilo
Manage your music, video and images with Grilo


Víctor Jáquez 08/12/2015

GStreamer VA-API 0.7.0

GStreamer VA-API 0.7.0 is here! As is usually said, “grab it while it is fresh”, specially the distributions. In a previous blog post we explained in detail what is GStreamer VA-API. Also, last October, we talked about it in the GStreamer...

Víctor Jáquez 23/10/2015

GStreamer Conference 2015

Last October 8th and 9th, the GStreamer Conference 2015 had happened in Dublin. It was plenty of interesting talks and colleagues. I really enjoyed it. I participated with our latest work in gstreamer-vaapi.  You can glance the slides of my talk. By the...

Víctor Jáquez 16/07/2015

GStreamer VA-API: A new release!

A new release of gstreamer-vaapi is now available!! Since I have been working on it for the last months, so I would like talk you about it. gstreamer-vaapi is a set of GStreamer plugins and libraries for hardware accelerated video processing using...

Víctor Jáquez 18/03/2015

GStreamer Hackfest 2015

Last weekend was the GStreamer Hackfest in Staines, UK, in the Samsung’s premises, who also sponsored the dinners and the lunches. Special thanks to Luis de Bethencourt, the almighty organizer! My main purpose was to sip one or two pints with the...

Xabier Rodríguez 07/01/2015

Streams API in WebKit at the Web Engines Hackfest

First of course I would like to thank Igalia for allowing me to use the company time to attend the hackfest and meeting such a group of amazing programmers! My purpose at the hackfest was to work with Youenn Fablet from Canon on implementing the...


gst: Fix unintialized variable warnings

While cross-compiling with Linaro GCC 5.1-2015.08, it complained about a couple unitialized variables. This patch initializes them to zero. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=761094

Víctor Jáquez25/01/2016

Changeset [195229]: [Streams API] Import tests updated to Jan 13 2016 ...

3 edits in trunk/LayoutTests/imported/w3c [Streams API] Import tests updated to Jan 13 2016 ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=153059 Reviewed by Youenn Fablet. Update tests after merge of...

Xabier Rodríguez18/01/2016

Changeset [194391]: [Streams API] In RS during enqueuing error should be reported only if ...

6 edits in trunk [Streams API] In RS during enqueuing error should be reported only if readable ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=152505 Reviewed by Youenn Fablet. LayoutTests/imported/w3c: Updated imported spec...

Xabier Rodríguez23/12/2015

Changeset [194366]: [Streams API] Fix cosmetic things after importing spec tests ...

21 edits1 delete in trunk/LayoutTests [Streams API] Fix cosmetic things after importing spec tests ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=152479 Reviewed by Youenn Fablet. Spec version are mainly updated in this patch as it wasn't done when...

Xabier Rodríguez22/12/2015

Changeset [194361]: Unreviewed. * Scripts/webkitpy/common/config/contributors.json: Marking ...

2 edits in trunk/Tools Unreviewed. Scripts/webkitpy/common/config/contributors.json: Marking myself as reviewer.

Xabier Rodríguez22/12/2015