Igalia has a strong team of multimedia experts with experience in all the layers of the multimedia stack, ranging from hardware acceleration to end-user applications. We participate in large multimedia projects with leading IT companies focused on different areas of media centre and media player solutions for embedded devices.

GStreamer is the framework of choice for Linux-based multimedia and it has been powering multimedia embedded solutions for many years now. Our multimedia team includes many experienced GStreamer developers who are very familiar with the framework internals and who have been contributing code in areas like the core, pulseaudio, playbin2 and many of its plugins.

We also have experience bringing hardware acceleration to GStreamer, writing plugins and infrastructure needed to use hardware accelerated codecs and asymmetric processing of media using multiple cores. We are also the primary developers and maintainers of the GStreamer-based multimedia backends of WebKit that are used by many of its ports, including WebkitGTK, QtWebkit and WebkitEFL.

Our experience also extends to areas other than media playback: Integration of media content from various sources and providers is also becoming extremely important when designing and implementing modern multimedia solutions. At Igalia we are pioneers in this field, where we have been working for years on frameworks designed to provide application developers with tools that make media content integration extremely easy, scalable and highly maintainable, like the Grilo project.

Igalia can help you build top-notch solutions for media centres and players targeting TV, Set-top boxes and other multimedia enabled devices based on open source technologies. Our multimedia team can lead specific parts of the software development, provide advice and insight on the solutions used, join an in-house team to leverage its strenghts or help companies align their work and needs with the open source community.

  • Multimedia Middleware
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Media Players
  • End-user Applications
  • OMAP
  • Content Discovery
  • GStreamer
  • PulseAudio
  • Kernel/Syslink
  • WebKit Multimedia
  • Grilo

Featured Media

Grilo at ELC-E 2010
Browse your multimedia content
Browse your multimedia content
Browse and watch your videos from YouTube
Browse and watch your videos from YouTube
Combine media from different sources
Combine media from different sources
Manage your music, video and images with Grilo
Manage your music, video and images with Grilo


Víctor Jáquez 24/03/2014


I spent a week in Munich. I went there for two reasons: to attend the Web & TV workshop organized by the W3C and to hack along with the gst-gang in the GStreamer Hackfest 2014. All these sponsored by Igalia, my company. I arrived to Munich on Tuesday...

Xabier Rodríguez 27/02/2014

New media controls in WebKitGtk+ (reloaded)

In December we organized in A Coruña the WebKitGTK+ hackfest at the Igalia premises as usual and also as usual it was an awesome oportunity to meet the rest of the team. For more information about the progress done in the hackfest, you can have a look at...

Víctor Jáquez 26/07/2013

Composited video support in WebKitGTK+

A couple months ago we started to work on adding support for composited video in WebKitGTK+. The objective is to play video in WebKitGTK+ using the hardware accelerated path, so we could play videos at high definition resolutions (1080p). How does WebKit...

Juan A. Suárez 22/07/2013

See you at GUADEC 2013!

GUADEC 2013 is around the corner. Igalia is kindly sponsoring my attendance, as well as other mates, to this wonderful conference, where all years I meet good friends, and do new ones. I’ll be there from August, 1st to 5th, both included. On...


Awesome #gstreamer release announce by @sdroege_ http://t.co/VFlALlNYtS at 11:43 Jun 6th 2013 by Philippe Normand


jamendo: Fix browsing root category

Handle correctly the skip and count values when browsing root category.

Juan A. Suárez08/04/2014

core: Fix comment

Missing some asterisks.

Juan A. Suárez29/03/2014

build: do not use bash to invoke gnome-autogen.sh

This allow to build in a different directory.

Juan A. Suárez29/03/2014