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Manuel Rego 12/02/2016

Subgrids thinking out loud

Subgrids has become a hot topic on the past weeks, mostly due to an article by Eric Meyer called “Subgrids Considered Essential”, that shows some examples where subgrids can be really useful. Which is somehow based on a previous post by fantasai on...

Víctor Jáquez 09/02/2016

GStreamer VA-API under the umbrella of GStreamer

We have a new GStreamer VA-API release: 1.6.0! “Wait a minute“, you might say, “weren’t the last release 0.7?“, and you will be correct; but something big has happened: GStreamer VA-API is now part of the official GStreamer...

Andy Wingo 08/02/2016

a lambda is not (necessarily) a closure

prefaceGreets, folks! Check it out: Guile had a whole track devoted to it at FOSDEM this year. OK, so it was only half a day, but there were like a dozen talks! And the room was full all the morning! And -- get this -- I had nothing to do with its...

Claudio Saavedra 08/02/2016

Mon 2016/Feb/08

About a year ago, Igalia was approached by the people working on printing-related technologies in HP to see whether we could give them a hand in their ongoing effort to improve the printing experience in the web. They had been working...

Andy Wingo 04/02/2016

guile compiler tasks

Hey! We released Guile 2.1.2, including the unboxing work, and we fixed the slow bootstrap problem by shipping pre-built bootstraps in tarballs. A pretty OK solution in my opinion; check it out!future workAt this point I think I'm happy with...

Claudio Saavedra 04/02/2016

Thu 2016/Feb/04

We've opened a few positions for developers in the fields of multimedia, networking, and compilers. I could say a lot about why working in Igalia is way different to working on your average tech-company or start-up, but ...

Michael Catanzaro 03/02/2016

On Subresource Certificate Validation

Ryan Castellucci has a quick read on subresource certificate validation. It is accurate; I fixed this shortly after joining Igalia. Run his test to see if your browser is vulnerable. Epiphany, Xombrero, Opera Mini and Midori […] were loading...

Igalia 02/02/2016

Join us. We are hiring

Four open positions in networking, multimedia & compilers

Michael Catanzaro 01/02/2016

On WebKit Security Updates

Linux distributions have a problem with WebKit security. Major desktop browsers push automatic security updates directly to users on a regular basis, so most users don’t have to worry about security updates. But Linux users are dependent on their...

Xabier Rodríguez 01/02/2016

Web Engines Hackfest according to me

And once again, in December we celebrated the hackfest. This year happened between Dec 7-9 at the Igalia premises and the scope was much broader than WebKitGTK+, that’s why it was renamed as Web Engines Hackfest. We wanted to gather people working...