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Diego Pino 22/11/2015

Architecture of the Web Inspector

In Igalia we have been contributing to the WebKit project for many years. Starting with WebKitGTK+ and progressively reaching other areas such as WebCore, improving accessibility, implementing new APIs, tooling, fixing tons of bugs, etc. The Web Inspector...

Diego Pino 15/11/2015

Reusing LuaJIT's disassembler

Last year at Igalia we started coding pflua, a high-performance packet filter which runs on top of LuaJIT. Pflua is now included in Snabb Switch as an external library and it’s used to do all the packet filtering tasks that were initially done using...

Jacobo Aragunde 11/11/2015

Updated LibreOffice workshop at A Coruña University

I’ve been invited to repeat the workshop about LibreOffice I conducted last year at the University of A Coruña. Contents are largely the same but I’ve done some updates, hence this short update to share the new slides: LibreOffice:...

Andy Wingo 09/11/2015

embracing conway's law

Most of you have heard of "Conway's Law", the pithy observation that the structure of things that people build reflects the social structure of the people that build them. The extent to which there is coordination or cohesion in a system as a whole...

Igalia 09/11/2015

Igalia at the WebKit contributors meeting and BlinkOn

Meet us in California this week

Andy Wingo 04/11/2015

two paths, one peak: a view from below on high-performance language implementations

Ohmigod it's November. Time flies amirite. Eck-setra. These are not actually my sentiments but sometimes I do feel like a sloth or a slow loris, grasping out at quarter-speed. Once I get a hold it's good times, but hoo boy. The tech world...

Andy Wingo 29/10/2015

type folding in guile

A-hey hey hey, my peeps! Today's missive is about another optimization pass in Guile that we call "type folding". There's probably a more proper name for this, but for the moment we go with "type folding" as it's shorter than "abstract...

Carlos López 28/10/2015

Introducing the meta-webkit Yocto layer.

Lately I have been learning to use Yocto / OpenEmbedded to create custom distributions and products targeting different embedded hardware. One of the goals was to create a Kiosk-like browser that was based on a modern Web engine, light (specially...

Igalia 27/10/2015

Igalia at the LibreCon 2015 (Oct 29-30th)

Come and meet us in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Igalia 23/10/2015

Meet us at the W3C TPAC 2015 in Sapporo (Oct 26-30th)

Igalia to attend the W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee Meetings