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Manuel Rego 30/06/2015

CSS Grid Layout is just around the corner (CSSConf US 2015)

Coming back to real life after a wonderful week in New York City is not that easy, but here we’re on the other side of the pond writing about CSS Grid Layout again. First kudos to Bocoup for the CSSConf US 2015 organization. Specially to Adam Sontag...

Javier Fernández 24/06/2015

Performance on Grid Layout

Now that we have a quite complete implementation of CSS Grid Layout specification it’s time to take care of performance analysis and optimizations. In this essay, which is the first of a series of posts about performance, I’ll first introduce...

Igalia 24/06/2015

Welcome to Igalia, Michael

Michael Catanzaro has joined Igalia

Andy Wingo 18/06/2015

arrow functions coming to chrome 45!

It's been a long time coming, but I just flipped the bit in V8 that will ship arrow functions in Chrome 45! Woo hoo!You probably know, but arrow functions are a new way to write functions in JavaScript. They look like this: // Two arguments, body...

Igalia 15/06/2015

Manuel Rego to talk at CSSConf, New York, on June 19th

Introducing our latest CSS Grid Layout standard implementation work, for Chromium and Webkit

Samuel Iglesias 12/06/2015

piglit (V): how to contribute to piglit and table of contents

Last post and the one before were about how to create your own piglit tests. Previously, I have written an introduction to piglit and how to launch a tailored piglit run (more details about these last two topics in my FOSDEM 2015 talk). Now it’s...

Samuel Iglesias 11/06/2015

piglit (IV): How to write binary test programs

Last post I talked about how to develop GLSL shader tests and how to add them to piglit. This is a nice way to develop simple tests but sometimes you need to do something more complex. For that case, piglit can run binary test programs. Introduction...

Manuel Rego 03/06/2015

Grid and the City

I’m really glad to announce that my talk “CSS Grid Layout is just around the corner” has been accepted at CSSConf US 2015 (18-19 June). Thanks to the organizers for selecting my proposal, it’s a pleasure to be among all these great speakers. BTW,...

Javier Fernández 01/06/2015

Distributing tracks along Grid Layout container

In my last post I introduced the concept of Content Distribution alignment and how it affects Grid Layout implementation. At that time, it was possible to use all the <content-position> values to select grid tracks position inside a grid...

Igalia 01/06/2015

Meet us at the Automotive Linux Summit (June 1-2) and LinuxCon Japan (June 3-5)

We are happy to sponsor the event and eager to meet people from the open source world