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Philippe Normand 15/12/2014

Web Engines Hackfest 2014

Last week I attended the Web Engines Hackfest. The event was sponsored by Igalia (also hosting the event), Adobe and Collabora. As usual I spent most of the time working on the WebKitGTK+ GStreamer backend and Sebastian Dröge kindly joined and...

Javier Fernández 11/12/2014

Web Engines Hackfest 2014

An awesome week is coming to the end and I’d like to thanks the sponsors for helping us to make possible that such an amazing group of hackers could work together to improve the web. We focused on some of the consolidated web engines but also about...

Manuel Rego 10/12/2014

Web Engines Hackfest 2014

The Hackfest Today we’re finishing the first edition of the Web Engines Hackfest. This is like the continuation of the “WebKitGTK+ Hackfest” that has been organized by Igalia since 2009. Checking some numbers, we’ve been 30 people...

Igalia 09/12/2014

Announcing WebKit for Wayland

New WebKit port targeting Wayland and focusing on hardware acceleration and embedded systems.

Andy Wingo 09/12/2014

state of js implementations, 2014 edition

I gave a short talk about the state of JavaScript implementations this year at the Web Engines Hackfest. 29 minutes, vorbis or mp3; slides (PDF) The talk goes over a bit of the history of JS implementations, with a focus on performance and...


Moving on

Just a quick (and slightly delayed) note to let you all know that after seven years I have left Igalia. It has really been an amazing, rocking place to be, and I have the best wishes for the company and its people. Currently, I am living in Malmö...

Gwang Yoon Hwang 04/12/2014

Introducing Threaded Compositor

Since CSS Animation appeared, the graphics performance of WebKit has become an important issue, especially in embedded systems world. Many users (including me) want fancy and stunning user interfaces, even in a small handset device which have very...

Adrián Pérez 03/12/2014

Inception! JS-in-JS!

Apparently this November has been the gloomiest in a while, and that certainly may have slowed down my on-going quest to bring arrow functions to V8. Though arrow functions deserve a write-up themselves, my musings today are about a side quest that...