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Igalia 24/02/2015

Spring AGL All Members Meeting

Mi Sun Silvia representing Igalia in Tokyo, February 25-26th

Igalia 17/02/2015

Linux Collaboration Summit 2015

This invitation only event is organized by the Linux Foundation and takes place in Santa Rosa, California on February 18-20

Igalia 28/01/2015

Žan Doberšek is now a WebKit Reviewer

This prolific contributor also started WebKit for Wayland.

Igalia 27/01/2015

Four Igalians presenting at FOSDEM 2015

Meet seven Igalians in Brussels on January 31st/February 1st.

Katerina Barone-Adesi 27/01/2015

Generating arbitrary test data

Most tests are useless without data, and the data they need to run can be fairly complicated. Generating a lot of data by hand sounds tedious, and would get rid of a lot of the advantages of generating tests; the flexibility and speed of having a large...

Katerina Barone-Adesi 27/01/2015

Improving Pflua's correctness with property-based checking

Creating a property-based tester and fixing several bugs - in one afternoonPflua, Igalia's implementation of Libpcap's filter language, is fast, and works very well. Like most software, it contains a few bugs, which unusual circumstances can...

Samuel Iglesias 24/01/2015


Next week  I am traveling to Brussels to attend FOSDEM but this time as speaker! My talk will explain why we need to test our OpenGL drivers with OpenGL conformance test suites, list the unofficial Free software ones and give a brief introduction about...

Jacobo Aragunde 22/01/2015

LibreOffice for Android at FOSDEM

Next week I’m flying to FOSDEM to let you know about our work in LibreOffice for Android, which has just been released in the Play Store. In my talk I will focus on the document browser, the new features we … Continue reading →

Igalia 13/01/2015

Igalia opens a Systems Administrator position

Igalia is currently looking to expand its team and seeks to hire a Systems Administrator in Galicia (Spain)

Javier Fernández 12/01/2015

Box Alignment and Grid Layout (II)

Some time has passed since my first post about the Box Alignment spec implementation status for Blink and WebKit web engines. I’ll do an update in this post and, since the gap between both web engines has grown considerably (I’ll do my best to...