Accessibility Tools and Technologies

At Igalia, we believe that access to software and information is not a privilege, but a right. For this reason, we are committed to making this access possible for individuals of all ages and abilities, from all walks of life, all over the world. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a compelling and complete range of Free Software solutions which address their unique needs and wants.

Our commitment to accessibility began in 2007 with the accessibility library for Hildon, a UI library for the Maemo platform. Since then, our efforts have expanded to the free desktop where we develop and maintain accessibility solutions at all levels of the stack including:

  • The ATK accessibility toolkit
  • The Orca screen reader
  • Clutter
  • WebKitGTK
  • GNOME Shell

We devote significant time participating in the communities in which we work, engaging end users as partners in the development process and collaborating with other teams to achieve the most consistent and compelling user interaction possible.

Our developers have a combined 20 years of experience in accessibility, with diverse backgrounds ranging from Computer Science to Special Education. Having an interdisciplinary team with expertise in all aspects of accessibility implementations makes it possible to deliver a truly integrated solution.


  • A11y libraries
  • Toolkit and application A11y support
  • Assistive technologies and applications
  • ATK
  • Clutter
  • Orca

Featured Media

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Explanatory demo of magnifier caret and focus tracking
Orca and WebKit2GTK+


Alejandro Piñeiro 21/07/2014


Leaving tomorrow, as I will be first at the Evince Hackfest

Jacobo Aragunde 10/07/2014

Hot accessibility for LibreOffice 4.3.0

The first release candidates for LibreOffice 4.3.0 are already bouncing around the internet and, besides great new features like the ones I’ve been explaining in my latest posts, they come with a set of fixes to ease the life of … Continue...

Alejandro Piñeiro 28/04/2014

GNOME 3.12.1 out: PDF accessibility progress

Welcome to a new “GNOME 3.12 is out blog post”, somewhat late because I wanted to focus on 3.12.1 instead of the usual 3.12.0, and because I was away for several days due to Easter holidays. As I said just after 3.10, Antía worked hard on...

Alejandro Piñeiro 21/10/2013

GNOME Accessibility Update: 3.10 Release, Montreal Summit and Plans for 3.12

3.10 is out, what’s new about accessibility? As you probably already know, GNOME 3.10 was released several weeks ago, with lots of new accessibility goodness: Magnifier focus and caret tracking: Finally, the focus and caret tracking feature of GNOME...

Antía Puentes 04/09/2013

Accessibility in Evince

The primary objective of the Friends of GNOME Accessibility project is to improve document accessibility.  As part of this effort, Igalia has been working in several areas related to PDF documents, focusing primarily on Evince and poppler . Keyboard...





Joanmarie Diggs21/10/2014

Work around the GNOME Shell issues related to switcher presentation

Orca used to automatically present the selected item in a newly-shown switcher. It doesn't in GNOME 3.14. This is due to a couple of issues: * The ordering of accessible events has changed, so first we get the accessible event for the selected item....

Joanmarie Diggs17/10/2014