Browsers and Client-side Web Technologies

Igalia leads the development of essential projects and components in the areas of web rendering and browsers. With five WebKit reviewers and 15 WebKit and Blink/Chromium consultants dedicated to development, we have the most WebKit expertise found in the consultancy business.

WebKit is a cross-platform, Free Software web rendering engine.  It is used everywhere from major Web browsers (Safari, Chrome) to embedded platforms (iPhone, WebOS or Android). Having earned 36% of the world market share and continuing to grow, WebKit serves as the foundation of the next wave of web technologies.

Our numerous contributions to the WebKit project include more than 3500 commits and 2000 reviews since 2009 touching critical aspects of the platform like Accelerated Compositing and the GStreamer multimedia backends used by many WebKit ports, including WebKitGTK+, WebKitEFL, QtWebKit and the ports for WinCairo and Mac.

Our team members are not only WebKit experts, they are engineers with solid backgrounds in embedded, graphics, UI design and multimedia. They integrate WebKit in user-oriented environments like the GNOME platform, where we drive the web development effort and maintain its flagship web browser, Epiphany.

We also have considerable experience creating, maintaining and optimizing ports of WebKit, have been the maintainers of the WebKitGTK+ port since 2009 and maintain core parts of the EFL and Clutter ports.

Our developers are knowledgeable about all aspects of WebKit including JavaScriptCore, multimedia, graphics and rendering, networking, accessibility, HTML5 and API design. We can help you improve the use of your WebKit framework to maximize the power of your hardware.



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WebKit logo


Javier Fernández 11/04/2014

New shorthand properties for CSS Grid Layout

I’ve been working for a while already on the implementation of the CSS Grid Layout standard for the WebKit and Blink web engines. It’s a complex specification, indeed, like most of them, so I enjoyed a lot decrypting all the angles behind the...

Sergio Villar 31/03/2014

Adventures in the Grid

Hi there, fellow readers. Today I’m starting a mini-series of posts to talk a little bit about the work I’ve been lately doing at Igalia around WebKit and Blink web engines. I’ve been involved in the implementation of a new standard...

Carlos García Campos 24/03/2014

WebKitGTK+ 2.4.0: the multiprocess made easy

Yes, we did it again, we have just released WebKitGTK+ 2.4.0, another major stable release with a lot of bug fixes, some new features and more complete API. Multiple Web Processes This is the most important new feature included in this release, and the...

Igalia 21/03/2014

Gwang Yoon Hwang joins Igalia

We warmly welcome Yoon Hwang as a new Igalian.

Manuel Rego 13/03/2014

Welcome CSS Grid Layout

Igalia has been working in the implementation of CSS Grid Layout since past year (more below). This year I’ve had the chance to join the team and help to move forward this great spec.


configure.ac: bump WebKitGTK+ version requirement

There are important bug fixes in wkgtk 2.4.0, so bump to it.

Claudio Saavedra25/03/2014

overview: Center vertically the thumbnails grid

Adjust the CSS styles of the overview to place the thumbnails grid centered vertically on the browser window. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726701

Lorenzo Tilve19/03/2014

ephy-window: move event state and button checks earlier

Micro-optimization https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=725818

Claudio Saavedra06/03/2014