Browsers and Client-side Web Technologies

Igalia leads the development of essential projects and components in the areas of web rendering and browsers. We have the most WebKit, Chromium/Blink and Firefox expertise found in the consulting business, including many reviewers and committers.

WebKit is a cross-platform, Free Software web rendering engine. It is used everywhere from major Web browsers  to embedded  platforms. Our numerous contributions to the WebKit project include more than 3500 commits and 2000 reviews since 2009 leading critical areas of the project like the GStreamer media backend, the cairo 2D graphics backend, the libsoup network backend, the ATK accessibility backend and new web technologies like CSS grid layout. Igalia is also the maintainer of the GTK+ port that provides a high quality API for embedders based on the GNOME platform.

Blink started in 2013 as a fork of WebKit. It's currently used by Chrome browser and it's being adopted by other embedders. Since the transition to Blink for a WebKit developer is quite easy and natural, Igalia currently counts with several Blink committers actively working in the project.

Our developers are not only WebKit/Blink experts, they are engineers with solid backgrounds in embedded, graphics, UI design and multimedia. They integrate WebKit in user-oriented environments like the GNOME platform, where we drive the web development effort and maintain its flagship web browser, Epiphany.

As maintainers of the GTK+ and WebKit For Wayland ports of WebKit we have considerable experience creating, maintaining and optimizing ports of WebKit, as well as desgining high level APIs for embedders.

Our  developers are knowledgeable about all aspects of Web rendering engines including  JavaScript engine, multimedia, graphics and rendering, networking, accessibility, HTML5 and API design. We can help  you improve the use of your Web framework to maximize the power of your hardware.

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Epiphany web browser
Yelp, the help application for GNOME uses WebKit
Yelp, the help application for GNOME uses WebKit
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Devhelp, the programming API browser for GNOME uses WebKit
WebKit logo
WebKit logo


Manuel Rego 31/03/2015

Web Engines Hackfest 2015: Save the dates!

This is a short note to announce the dates of the Web Engines Hackfest 2015, that will happen next winter at Igalia Headquearters in A Coruña (Spain), from Monday, 7th December, to Wednesday, 9th December. After all the great work and collaboration...

Carlos García Campos 23/03/2015

WebKitGTK+ 2.8.0

We are excited and proud of announcing WebKitGTK+ 2.8.0, your favorite web rendering engine, now faster, even more stable and with a bunch of new features and improvements. Gestures Touch support is one the most important features missing since WebKitGTK+...

Víctor Jáquez 18/03/2015

GStreamer Hackfest 2015

Last weekend was the GStreamer Hackfest in Staines, UK, in the Samsung’s premises, who also sponsored the dinners and the lunches. Special thanks to Luis de Bethencourt, the almighty organizer! My main purpose was to sip one or two pints with the...

Javier Fernández 09/03/2015

Content Distribution in CSS Grid Layout

It’s been a while since Igalia and Bloomberg started to implement the Box Alignment specification for the CSS Grid Layout model. Some weeks ago we accomplished an important milestone of our roadmap landing in Blink trunk the last patches...

Manuel Rego 25/02/2015

Grid Auto-Placement Is Ready

Back in June I wrote my first post about CSS Grid Layout automatic placement feature, where I was talking about finishing the support for this feature “soon”. At the end it took a bit longer, but finally this month Igalia has completed the...


Changeset [183012]: [CMake] Include ICU unconditionally on the source lists ...

3 edits in trunk/Source/WebCore [CMake] Include ICU unconditionally on the source lists ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143900 Reviewed by Darin Adler. No new tests. This is just a build file change. CMakeLists.txt: Integrate ICU source...

Martin Robinson20/04/2015

Changeset [182947]: [GStreamer] Silent WebAudio buffers support ...

2 edits in trunk/Source/WebCore [GStreamer] Silent WebAudio buffers support ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143869 Reviewed by Carlos Garcia Campos. platform/audio/gstreamer/WebKitWebAudioSourceGStreamer.cpp: (webKitWebAudioSrcLoop): Set...

Philippe Normand17/04/2015

Changeset [182946]: Unreviewed. Fix the build with ENABLE(NETWORK_CACHE) and ...

3 edits in trunk/Source/WebKit2 Unreviewed. Fix the build with ENABLE(NETWORK_CACHE) and !ENABLE(SHAREABLE_RESOURCE). NetworkProcess/cache/NetworkCacheEntry.cpp: NetworkProcess/cache/NetworkCacheFileSystemPosix.h: (WebKit::NetworkCache::fileTimes):...

Carlos García Campos17/04/2015

Changeset [182944]: [SOUP] ResourceRequest cache policy is not encoded/decoded in IPC messages ...

2 edits in trunk/Source/WebKit2 [SOUP] ResourceRequest cache policy is not encoded/decoded in IPC messages ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143867 Reviewed by Sergio Villar Senin. Encode/Decode the ResourceRequest cache...

Carlos García Campos17/04/2015

Changeset [182943]: [SOUP] Redirect to non HTTP destination is broken ...

4 edits in trunk [SOUP] Redirect to non HTTP destination is broken ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143866 Reviewed by Sergio Villar Senin. Source/WebCore: This is because we are passing true unconditionally as isHTTPFamilyRequest...

Carlos García Campos17/04/2015